Omid Kay Now Available for Work and Consultation

Omid Kay Now Available for Work and Consultation
Omid Kay is a fitness model, fashion model, actor, athlete, entrepreneur, and fitness coach. He is currently available for work and consultation in all of those areas, and seeks to connect with brands and companies that match his values.

Omid Kay came to the United States from Iran at age 14 with a hope to live the American Dream to its fullest. He and his family made a lot of sacrifices in order for Omid to pursue his dreams and achieve his goals.

Omid attended university – at first, he studied civil engineering, but he decided he wanted something more out of his life. As a result, he transferred colleges and studied business, ultimately succeeding and graduating with his degree in business management.

Omid’s love of music, acting, and the arts has always been a driving force in his life and to be successful in achieving his entrepreneurial aspirations, he knew that he needed to make some changes, specifically in regards to his body, so that he could pursue a career in those areas. 

“Acting and modeling were always a big passion of mine! In order to do the work and start my career in a positive direction, I had to transform my body to be able to fit into what I had always imagined myself to truly be. As a result, I started working out and went from being this skinny guy to someone with muscles and tone,” explains Kay when he talks about his transformation.

After his transformation, Kay started to build and expand the work that he did. He has focused on broadening his network of connections in modeling and acting, and has been featured in a number of publications for his business and the work he does in modeling and acting. Because of this, Omid Kay has become a well-known name in many fitness and modeling circles, and has had a lot of opportunities to continue his career in those areas.

He now spends time connecting with people who are looking to make those same changes for their health and wellness, and supporting them as a fitness coach. He also provides consulting services, because of his love for helping people to reach their highest potential both mentally and physically.

Ultimately, Omid wants to make it big in Hollywood; he hopes that the work that he does now is going to pave the way for immigrants like him in the future. By adhering to his life philosophy of “When you give to the world, you will always get something bigger back,” he has continued to give and support people, and plans to do so well into the future.

Omid Kay is currently interested in making new connections and taking new jobs in his areas of interest and expertise. These include acting, fitness, modeling, consultation, and a variety of other areas related to those industries. Interested parties can check him out on Instagram or email him at

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