Playerverse Lets Gamers Skip the Repetitive Grind

Offering game players the convenience of acquiring their most-wanted items, Playerverse just revamped their website with added features.

Video games are fun, until it’s time to upgrade to newer and more fun items because why not? Multiplayer games such as Animal Crossing, Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter, Outriders, and Pokemon often have items that gamers can acquire through sheer luck. It gets tedious when online games players have to spend hundreds of hours repeating the same content over and over just to get the items they want. Where’s the fun in that? Playerverse is, as they put it, “The absolute best way to go straight to the fun part of games, skipping the repetitive grind that makes many games feel like part-time jobs.”

Most popular games often implement heavy random number generator (RNG) mechanics which make it harder for players to get the exact and best items that they really want. Playerverse delivers players the promise of acquiring the most coveted video game items usually within 15 minutes, saving players time and frustration.

The team at Playerverse is made up of professional gamers who have bought in-game items before from random websites at one time or another; having gone through the dread, the anxiety, the customer service representatives that they couldn’t understand or just shooed them out the door. When they had issues, they knew there was no hope but to call their bank or PayPal to try to get their money back. This experience, felt by many gamers, was unpleasant and just felt dodgy.

Known for its friendly, knowledgeable, and caring team, Playerverse offers gamers services where they could talk to a live person in their Phoenix office 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have received over 6,000 five-star reviews for their warm and friendly service on top of the convenience players get from availing services from Playerverse. After five years in the business, Playerverse now has more than 30,000 customers.

Today, players can now enjoy the brand new revamped website of Playerverse with several new game services added and continuously being added. The website operates on a Credit system which users can use to Tip the Playerverse team member who performs their service. Credits can be bought, but are often given for free during promotions so players, especially new customers, are guaranteed zero risks. Playerverse is currently offering $3 worth of free credit to anyone who signs up on their website using the banner on their home page.

Learn more about Playerverse and get free credits here:

About Playerverse is a service that helps gamers acquire any in-game item they could possibly want in their favorite video game. The team performs services for several of the many popular multiplayer games such as Animal Crossing, Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter, Outriders – with more added constantly.

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