infusinGo Set To Be Officially Launched On Kickstarter

infusinGo Set To Be Officially Launched On Kickstarter

Providers of innovative tea and coffee accessories, ezTco, announces the upcoming launch of infusinGo, a product designed to help users to brew loose tea and coffee quick and ease

infusinGo is a unique brewing solution that is designed to meet the diverse needs of tea and coffee lovers across the globe. The product, which is set to be officially launched on Kickstarter, offers a wide range of unique features that makes it a lot easier for users to brew coffee and tea, especially for lovers of loose tea and coffee.

Tea and coffee have continued to grow in popularity and acceptance across the globe. Unfortunately, brewing loose tea and coffee can be sometimes stressful, requiring the use of an infuser, strainer, filter, and spoon. However, infusinGo is looking to change the tea drinking experience by offering a more convenient way of brewing, irrespective of their location.

The innovative product is portable, making it easy to use and carry anywhere and everywhere. infusinGo is particularly unique as it also allows for multiple usages of tea, allowing users to retain the used tea inside the infuser without brewing further. The product also gives users the power to determine the strength of their tea, taking the tea drinking experience to another level.

Other features of infusinGo include tea conversation, allowing drinkers to use the tea leaves multiple times without compromising the quality of the tea leaves, ease of cleaning, and eco-friendliness by reducing the plastic-containing teabags that pollute the environment, especially considering the volume of tea consumed daily, with the UK estimated to drink more than 100 million cups of tea per day. InfusinGo comes with a mug and two filters for tea and coffee.

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ezTco is a brand that specializes in delivering innovative tea and coffee accessories to deliver the best possible brewing and drinking experience to customers across the globe.

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