16 Year Old Builds Her Clothing Brand Empire

16 year old sophomore in high school, Samantha Ulrich builds her clothing brand empire with her own business A Walk with Him.

This week, 16 year old sophomore in high school, Samantha Ulrich, launched her own clothing line within her Christian clothing brand A Walk with Him called Proverbs with Pizzazz. This line of clothing represents being bold about Christianity and women empowerment. Inspired by icons like Gwen Stefani and Betsey Johnson, Samantha Ulrich created a fierce, bold and empowering clothing line that women NEED to get their hands on. Each outfit has its own unique flare, all including a verse from Proverbs 31, which talks about the Virtuous Woman. 10% of Proverbs with Pizzazz’s proceeds are being donated to Timothy Christian School’s Dominican Republic Missionary Fund. Samantha believes that her Christian clothing brand can be the “new way of doing missionary work”. 

A Walk with Him is Samantha Ulrich’s clothing brand business promoting her faith and women empowerment. She began this business as her Girl Scout Take Action project and wanted to continue it after the project was finished. She has been exposed to entrepreneurship her entire life and wanted to make a change in the culture. She didn’t agree with how most women’s clothing wasn’t modest and didn’t send off a positive message. Samantha specifically says, “I want to show people that modest clothing can be really cool and not old lady looking.” She also believes that the best positive message to put on clothes is motivational quotes from the Bible. Samantha knows that her brand will be the new way of doing missionary work because with each product sold, the word of God is being shown to the customer, people around the customer, people on social media and the manufacturers of the product. Along with sharing the word of God through her brand’s clothes,  A Walk with Him donates 10% of its proceeds to a Christian Missionary Organization.

You can shop her clothing on her website at https://awalkwithhimfashion.com/ or email Samantha at awalkwithhimfashion@gmail.com

A Walk with Him clothing brand creates empowering, modest, unique and cool clothes that promote Christianity and women empowerment since February 2021. The owner is a 16 year old sophomore in high school with a drive for Jesus and fashion. A Walk with Him’s newest line is Proverbs with Pizzazz, which is very much inspired by the design aesthetic of Betsy Johnson and Gwen Stefani. Women can express their faith in a stylish way sharing the faith of Christianity with flare! 10% of A Walk with Him’s proceeds are being donated to Timothy Christian School’s Dominican Republic Missionary Fund.A Walk with Him is making a change in the culture, promoting Christianity, women empowerment and modest clothing. Samantha’s question is… “Will you be part of the change?” 


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