BOC RNA’s GMP Oligonucleotide Facility Ready to Roll for Clinical Application

BOC RNA has completed the commissioning of its new oligonucleotide production platform.

New York, USA – May 13, 2021 – BOC RNA, the world’s leading pharmaceutical technology platform provider, has completed the commissioning of its new oligonucleotide production platform for the production of GMP-compliant oligonucleotides. This move further improves BOC RNA’s ability to supply oligonucleotides for clinical applications, and its products and services are very suitable for customers who require strict specifications or need to control the manufacturing process.

Oligonucleotides produced by BOC RNA’s GMP business department can meet any defined specifications, and customers can fully control the entire process. All oligonucleotides have guaranteed stability and batch retention, and are produced in dedicated cleanroom equipment to eliminate potential contamination, and all oligonucleotides have undergone strict QC and HPLC purification. With the expansion of the ability to control the synthesis of several grams of oligonucleotides, BOC RNA will be able to play a greater role in the production of diagnostic oligonucleotides and antisense therapy.

Through flexible, user-defined ordering methods, the complete process can be easily managed and customized to meet the needs of each individual.

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BOC RNA is a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, which mainly focuses on RNA technology and its broad prospects in disease treatment. It provides comprehensive RNA-related products and services, including siRNA design, synthesis, analysis, coupling, and delivery and mRNA vaccines, covering all development processes of RNA drugs.

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