Premium RGB Floor Lamp, BERMOODA, Guarantees First-Rate Craftsmanship and Design

Its company prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service.

BERMOODA’s traditional values mixed with a kick of Southern Hospitality reflects in their commitment to putting out the best products and superior customer service, which is second to none. This is a company that understands that no light shines brighter than a smile!

Quality lighting can directly influence the ambiance of a room and your mood. With mood lighting and RGB lighting becoming more and more popular, it’s important to find brands that not only deliver the highest quality designs but also offer extensive product support throughout the entirety of the product’s lifecycle. One such brand is BERMOODA™, based out of Austin, Texas.

BERMOODA is the brightest and most vibrant RGB lamp available on the market, and it’s entirely made up of the highest quality raw materials and advanced technology components that are second to none.

Apart from it’s minimal iconic design, the BERMOODA™ RGB Corner Lamp is loaded with features.

Its features include 356 Multi-Color Modes that can light up a corner, or if placed further away from the corner, a wall, in any solid color or 1 of 356 dynamic color-changing effects. It also features 10 brightness settings so it’s perfect for creating an ideal ambiance for any situation. Moreover, it has a speed function which allows you to speed up or slow down its dynamic light effects to fit your mood.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Its research and development team has tested the lamp against every competitor and concluded that the BERMOODA is not only at least 30 percent brighter but is also built to last longer.

“The BERMOODA is characterized by its unique angular structure and clear expression of form, which is not only iconic but can also be applied to a variety of home decor styles. Its delicate light transitions, as well as synchronized triangular elements, result in a harmonious display of class and artistic expression,” stated Vlad Hilliard, co-founder of BERMOODA.

This state-of-the-art LED corner lamp provides an e-commerce trifecta of quality craftsmanship, design and excellent customer service. Its team’s excellence is unmatched because they listen to the voice of the customer — a trick they learned from the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and his passion for providing unmatched customer service.

They closely monitor and note the feedback of their customers to their product (and even similar products in circulation) and make improvements on their design based on the customer feedback. This dedication for constant improvement has earned the love of thousands of customers and has awarded them a 4.8-star rating on Amazon in Electronics, which speaks volumes about the quality of BERMOODA.

“The difference between us and other versions in circulation is we do not and will not compromise on quality,” added Billy Nguyen, co-founder of BERMOODA.

While other companies that offer similar RGB lamps use drop-shipping and get their products from the same supplier, the team behind BERMOODA does not make their lamp from cheap materials or cut any corners when it comes to manufacturing. They don’t use PVC pipes or cheap LED strip lights. Rather, they choose the highest quality components at every step of their production so that the end result is worthy of merit. In doing so, they are able to guarantee a service life of 50,000 hours and stand behind their model with a two-year unlimited warranty, not just parts, which is all-too-common in the electronics space.

More information can be found on their Amazon page.


BERMOODA™ is an Austin, TX design studio specializing in research & development of advanced illumination systems for therapeutic & commercial use. Fancy words for something sort of simple…we make products that make folks happy!

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