Four directions about the next goal of LED lighting companies

Four directions or see clearly the next goal of LED lighting companies:

In June 2015, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, the world’s largest lighting exhibition, came to an end. The new technologies and trends presented at the exhibition became the focus of the industry.

From the development of traditional lighting to LED lighting, Philips and other established lighting giants have lost their traditional advantages, and emerging companies and traditional Chinese lighting companies have obtained huge development opportunities in this. With the rapid development of lighting technology, the trend of commercial lighting has changed significantly in the past two years.

Commercial shop lighting competition is fierce, and the lighting of hotels and clubs supported by the development of the tertiary industry has become the next goal of various types of lighting companies. In 2015, the key layout of hotel clubs has become the same direction for lighting companies.

At the same time, the common industrial characteristics of the lighting industry such as LED product prices and intelligence are also the main characteristics of commercial lighting. Under the tide, major commercial lighting companies respond responsively and “market-oriented” has become the first criterion.

“The development of commercial lighting is so fast, it is difficult to predict and grasp the trend of next year,” said Yao Xianqiang, product manager of Sanxiong Aurora.

Feature 1: The rapid development of LED opens the door to commercial enterprises

Commercial lighting has developed rapidly in recent years. Many exhibitors at the Guangzhou Lighting Fair have expressed that they are very satisfied with the company’s development speed in the commercial lighting field over the past few years, even exceeding the company’s expectations.

Sanxiong Aurora, a leading domestic lighting brand, has entered the commercial lighting field since 2008. “The annual growth rate has exceeded Lightman expectations.” Said Yao Xianqiang, product manager of Sanxiong Aurora. In 2015, the current annual growth of Sanxiong Aurora was about 40%, “This is a relatively high speed of development.”

Suzhou Hanruisen Optoelectronics, established in 2008, also brought commercial lighting products at the Guangzhou Lighting Fair, including waterproof panel lights with a waterproof level of 65 and panel lights with a luminous efficiency of more than 100. Wang Liang, vice president of international marketing of Suzhou Henrisen Optoelectronics, said that Henrisen Optoelectronics’ annual growth rate in the commercial lighting field is 25%, which is “a relatively rapid development rate.”

Regarding the rapid development of commercial photos, Yao Xianqiang, product manager of Sanxiong Aurora, said: In the traditional lighting era, light source appliances are all locked up by international manufacturers such as Philips, and there is not much room for Lightman development. However, in the LED era, the light source and power supply can be used independently by us, driving the growth of the development space in geometric quantities. And more precise design, so that enterprise products have better space in the market promotion.

Feature 2: Explore the subdivision of business photos, some companies focus on moving from commercial stores to hotel clubs

The rapid development of commercial lighting is beyond doubt. Dongguan Fulangshi has been developing for more than ten years. Its deputy general manager Li Jinqu said that “commercial lighting catching up with home lighting is only a matter of time.”

Flangs focuses on two major commercial areas: the lighting of commercial shops and hotel clubs. Commercial stores are a relatively mature channel for Flangs. In 2015, the company will focus on the hotel club channel. Li Jinqu explained that with the rapid development of tourism and the tertiary industry, hotel clubs have become an important channel for commercial lighting.

For some lighting companies, commercial shops are not a piece of “sweet rice cakes”.

On the one hand, the impact of e-commerce and fierce terminal competition “make business in physical stores not easy to do”;

On the other hand, the broad prospects and low threshold of commercial lighting attract new lighting to join the battle. The two-way influence has made Fulangshi focus more on the direction of hotel clubs.

Jiangmen Welda Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Songhua said that the products are mainly targeted at clubs, high-end villas, large-scale commercial complexes, and high-end hotels. Sanxiong Aurora will also take hotel-style lighting as one of its strengths.

Feature 3: Focus on the professionalization of “points” from the perspective of commercial practicality

With the improvement of people’s living standards, commercial lighting is becoming more and more professional. Major companies have also launched lighting products adapted to the market from different directions from a professional perspective.

Yao Xianqiang, product manager of Sanxiong Aurora, said that in 2014, commercial lighting pursued the illuminance and brightness of light. In 2015, the main focus of commercial lighting “will be the vividness and saturation of colors. This is the direction and the needs of the store.” The pursuit of lighting is still based on practicality.

Suzhou Hanrui Sen Optoelectronics has launched waterproof panel lights and ordinary panel lights with better performance. Wang Liang, vice president of international marketing of Suzhou Henrisen Optoelectronics, said that the company’s new panel lighting effect reached more than 100, which greatly exceeded the general performance level of the industry.

Feature 4: Smart lighting starts

Various companies have different views on “when will it be fully rolled out”. Lighting companies of all sizes have stepped into smart lighting, and they have different attitudes about whether to make efforts in the direction of smart lighting in 2015.

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