Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma Is the Sole Provider of Chiropractic Health Care Services in Tacoma, Washington State

Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma Is the Sole Provider of Chiropractic Health Care Services in Tacoma, Washington State

Tacoma, Washington State – Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma is a unique, full-service chiropractic healthcare center devoted to providing advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustment services. The center is celebrated for having qualified chiropractors who are knowledgeable about employing the best state-of-the-art techniques to comprehensively help their patients.

The center offers exceptional chiropractic services, including nutritional counselling, massage therapy, postural and spine health screenings, chiropractic care, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, and more.

Some of the cases the Tacoma chiropractor center helps clients with include complete and thorough chiropractic care for car accidents, work injury, sports injuries, personal injuries, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. In addition to this, they offer services dealing with sciatica, migraines and headaches, and degenerative disc problems.

When dealing with car accident cases, the professionals at Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma, led by their top chiropractor Dr. Aric M. Turrubiate, are devoted to ensuring their services offer the best holistic approaches to healing. Some of their methods include massages, rehabilitation exercises, and spinal decompression and Low Level Laser Therapy treatment options. As such, car accident cases are patiently cared for by assessing areas such as injured muscles and tendons, the spine, and other vital parts to check for proper alignment and any signs of pain. He also has significant training and education regarding the many benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy. 

Additionally, the center helps patients suffering from work injury problems. The team understands that most people aren’t aware of the best body postures and movements to have at their workplaces, and so they end up hurting their spine and backs.  When one is suffering from back pain, spinal discomfort, and/or another health condition, professionals at the chiropractic center will take the time to understand the cause, offer the best treatment options, and educate the patient on the ideal sitting positions and body movements to prevent hurting one’s back and spine.

Apart from the above services, Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma qualified chiropractors also offer massage therapy services. For their massage services, the team has their own in-house massage therapist, who is highly experienced and committed to providing complete recovery from back and work injury problems that require muscle relaxation and more. The clinic’s services reduce pain, relax muscles, boost adequate blood circulation, reduce stress, and quicken healing.

Also, massage and other services at the center are designed to help patients breathe effortlessly and adequately, especially those with conditions causing breathing difficulties. Coupling massage therapy with other treatments has many benefits, such as:

  • Relax muscle tension, thus making chiropractic adjustments seamless for the patient and the doctor

  • Enable adjustments to hold longer and work perfectly by relieving pain and stress

  • Boosts quick recovery from pain and injuries

  • Increase and improve the adequate flow of blood in muscles and regions of pain

  • Reduce muscle stress

  • Improve posture and prevent back and spine problems

Moreover, the center offers non-surgical spinal decompression services. These services work to ensure one’s body’s natural healing mechanism is boosted to work better and heal pain from bulging discs, herniated discs, or degenerated discs.  Spinal decompression aims to reduce and eradicate pressure accumulating on nerves that may damage to discs and the spine when left untreated.

Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma – Tacoma car accident chiropractic center is located at 8833 Pacific Ave Ste C, Tacoma, WA, 98444. For inquiries, contact the professional chiropractors via (253) 531-1000 or visit their website for more information.

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