Dance Party Button Takes the World by Storm

Visionary founder sells happiness 30 seconds at a time.

PORTLAND – May 14, 2021 – As the world emerges from a difficult year, one company has made it their mission to bring happiness to the lives of millions. 30 Second Dance Party is the maker of the best dance party button known to mankind. While many underestimate the impact of the bright yellow, light-up smash-button, after just one push they quickly realize how a 30 Second Dance Party can change your mood – your day – yes, even your whole life.

Imagine a stand-alone button with rainbow stripes, an ultra-clear speaker, and an internal light that pulses to the music. Add in some German dance music and encouragement from the voice within, and you’ve got an instant party (for 30 seconds). These remarkable buttons sold out in under one week at company launch, but are now back in stock and ready to ship. Choose from a single button, two pack, or eight button bundle to kickstart your dance career, your graduation celebration, or your next board meeting.

CEO Jam Sanderton says the company isn’t satisfied with the product’s initial success – their aspirations are global and beyond. “We’re looking to partner with organizations that want to change the world with us. Schools, hospitals, and corporations have already experienced the magic 30 seconds of dancing can bring. Our sights are now set on heads of state, celebrities, and space explorers.”

The sophisticated design gives way to a dead-simple user interface, paving the way for consumers from one generation to the next to enjoy five different exclusive beats, like “Boom”, “This is How We Party,” and “3… 2… 1… Jump!” Hence, no two dance parties are exactly the same.

More information about 30 Second Dance Party and a host of ridiculous videos can be found at

About 30 Second Dance Party

30 Second Dance Party is the company behind the simplest and most innovative dance party button yet, founded by CEO Jam Sanderton in 2020 amid a global pandemic and way too much time on his hands.

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