Premium Invention Launches V3-4G Edition, the Latest Innovation in Its Wireless Camera V Generation

Wireless Camera V3-4G Edition is a convenient and welcome upgrade on surveillance cameras for homes and businesses.

Securing one’s privacy and property is a constant worry in homeowners’ and business owners’ minds. Although burglaries in the U.S. have dropped by 37 percent since 2008, one can’t be complacent. People can have peace of mind by reinforcing their vigilance with state-of-the-art security cameras. The FBI shared that 83 percent of burglars look for an alarm system in a property before attempting a break-in. Statistics on home invasion show, however, that 46.9 percent of people don’t have a home security system installed in their homes. Premium Invention refuses to allow its customers to be part of that statistic and offers 24-hour security with its Wireless Camera V Generation.

Premium Invention’s Wireless Camera V product line has been successfully growing and innovating. Starting from the Wireless Camera V2 that has a built-in solar panel and complete wireless connection, the company already assures that property owners can access their security video feed anytime and from anywhere.

The Wireless Camera V generation’s latest upgrade is the Wireless Camera V3. It has the strongest IP67 weatherproof material–built camera and the most advanced built-in solar panel that provides double the charging speed of V2.

Its key features include beam lights that automatically turn on at night when motion is detected, starlight technology that displays a clear color image and gives owners a beautiful day vision at night and a two-way intercom that allows owners to conduct a live conversation with people approaching and automatically records any sound when motion is detected.

Presently, Premium Invention is proudly launching the V3-4G Edition after the success of Wireless Camera V3. The 4G edition has all the same features, except it will not need wi-fi to connect online. Customers can go anywhere with the V3-4G Edition — even locations like construction sites and camping spots where wi-fi is not available — and still use it at full capacity.

The V3-4G Edition will be launched in the USA first, followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“After a lot of searching, I bought this kit for my front yard and garage… Installation was very easy. Wireless transmitting is a lifesaver. I don’t need to run video cables or network cables like my old surveillance camera. The images are crystal clear, and the night vision is bright and can reach far. With this price, I’m super satisfied,” shared Terry S., a satisfied customer.

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Premium Invention was founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada, with the ultimate goal of bringing the latest and best innovations that will take security systems to the next level.

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