UpQore Set to Release its First NFT Collectible Game in June 2021

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – May 17, 2021 – Decentralized NFT gaming company UpQore is proud to announce its first NFT collectible game, “World of Gizzy,” will be released this June 2021. UpQore is poised to be the future of digital collectibles on the blockchain, as the NFT game is built on the Matic Polygon L2 Protocol allowing low gas fees and scalability.

“The power of the blockchain will bring you a unique method of asset ownership in the form of NFTs that will unlock the path of digital wealth for years to come, said UpQore Founder and Creator Dale Sizer. We are so excited to bring our new blockchain NFT release, “World of Gizzy,” for people to buy, sell, collect and play. ‘World of Gizzy’ is based on my real-life, beautiful 8-year-old Yorkie, and Gizzy is ready to be a celebrity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our amazing team has been working remotely, building the most advanced blockchain technology the crypto space has yet to see.”

Sizer continued, “The gameplay in build 1.0 is centered around acquiring new dogs and increasing your inventory of dogs, called your pack. There are a number of ways to improve your pack by either breeding, trading or buying. We suggest that all market transactions for virtually trading dogs, or any other NFT, be achieved by linking a player account with their cryptocurrency wallet. We have made it easy for any trade carried out between players to also be backed against the cryptocurrency.

“At the beginning of the generating process, the engine selects the species of your dog,” explained Sizer. “Based on the dog that is chosen, the engine will note the dog’s species and its body type, which affects the dog’s visual and physical attributes while playing. This is meaningful to the game. Particular visual components like eye shape and given attributes such as the value of a strength skill will be decided as you go through the process.”

UpQore positions XP points as a currency, with players able to trade items in the XP marketplace. However, dogs cannot be bought with XP points, only items and attack cards. The three currencies used in the game are XP points, Gizzy Bucks and ETH. XP represents experience points and is similar to “experience” in other games. This will happen through breeding and acquiring new dogs and items. The player can build overall inventory and complete “combat encounters.” There is the opportunity to explore new locations and complete other activities.

According to Sizer, “Transactions using Gizzy Bucks and XP are not encrypted on the blockchain because items and attack cards are not NFTs. Cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BNB are the final currency in the game and they can be used to buy dogs and Gizzy Bucks. Dogs can be bought only with cryptocurrency. XP and Gizzy Bucks cannot be traded for dogs.”

Sizer prides himself as a serial entrepreneur and a revolutionary cryptocurrency investor. He previously owned Crypto Education System, where over 90,000 students were educated worldwide regarding the impeding trend of Bitcoin beginning in 2017.

For more information, go to www.worldofgizzy.com.

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