This 27-Year Old Latina Millennial is Amplifying the Voice of Purpose Driven Businesses in the Inland Empire

How this 27-Year Old first generation millennial Latina is providing local small businesses and entrepreneurs with a unique experience building their online presence.

Gissel Bojorquez launched SAIDE in the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as an online space to assist local business owners, entrepreneurs, and young professionals in opening online e-commerce shops and amplifying “their voice as purpose-driven leaders through digital content marketing strategies, communications, and public relations.” The first-generation Latina was inspired to start an online agency and influence her family and the local community. 

Gissel was born and raised in San Bernardino County, California, and has lived in both southern and northern parts of California for personal and career opportunities. She has an undergraduate education in Business Administration with specialties in Information Technology and Integrative Marketing Communications. She is currently pursuing a certification in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is a proud member of the National Latina Business Women Association Inland Empire and participates in their workshops and programs to stay involved in her community. 

“The women at the National Latina Business Women Association have had such a positive impact on my business that I hope to do the same for other local businesses in the Inland Empire.” 

Gissel grew up studying business management and marketing to be a valuable resource on family ventures, as the youngest of six artistic and entrepreneurial siblings and two loving immigrant parents. 

In the process, she’s learned that many entrepreneurs need someone to talk to about their innovative dreams and mission statements and feel “empowered enough to get out there.” To meet a wider audience, she is also considering offering an online course or group sessions.

Gissel currently makes money from client work and coaching sessions. She helps her clients develop or transform their online presence in digital environments based on individual company digital assessments. 

She has immersed herself in learning integrative marketing strategies, creating content, and developing her own full-service digital marketing system. She wants to help other first-generation millennials like herself, as well as anyone else who is unfamiliar with the basics of business administration and digital marketing. 

Others who want to start an online company should not be discouraged, she advises. Building a sustainable online company takes time. 

She advises, “Don’t be afraid to start.” “It can be intimidating to go through the process on your own, but you can do it.”

Gissel Bojorquez runs SAIDE on the side, assisting local small business owners and holistic entrepreneurs in transforming their digital presence. 

Still, for Gissel, it’s never been about the money. She claims to have more clients interested than she can take on because she also works full-time and values her free time. 

Rather, she intends to be a resource for people who have similar questions about starting or transforming their businesses, such as how to claim digital assets or manage marketing campaigns. 

According to Gissel, prioritizing quality over quantity is critical for a company’s long-term viability. 

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see people go from feeling intimidated by technology and fearful of amplifying their voice to feeling in control of their digital presence and enjoying the power of the internet.”

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