Michigan company to launch the next Big thing in Fantasy Football

NFTdraft.io has developed a fantasy football game fit for the next century. The player experience is about to change for the better.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – May 17, 2021 – Fantasy football players are in for some excitement. A Michigan-based game company is set to launch a next-generation game in the coming months. The company integrated current technologies with the fantasy football model to create a game with more thrills, higher payouts, and additional ways to earn money.

Alpha gaming goes live mid July. The full game launch is scheduled for September 1, 2021.

“We are excited to bring to you our upgraded brand of fantasy football. Designing our game with cutting-edge technology will redefine the future of the fantasy football. So, brace yourself for a fantastic experience”, stated NFTdraft.io’s Sean White.

“Most fantasy football fans understand the game has flaws. In the current model, the player pool is open to everyone and winning often comes down to who selected that day’s surprise player. More likely, a million-dollar-first-place finish is divided by thousands of winners who submitted identical teams. In such a scenario, users end up with a few hundred dollars of earnings instead of relishing their strategic prowess, and searching homes to buy with their million-dollar-winnings. It’s an extremely frustrating situation and will compel millions of fans to leave the old and join NFTdraft.io, for a better experience. This is where our new advanced fantasy football game comes as a game-changer and for better.”

What makes the NFTdraft.io game different from the rest is that it’s aimed to increase earning opportunities and joy by injecting parody into the scoring mechanics and team creation. The company sells packs of cards which are linked with professional football players. Users will be able to create their own fantasy football teams using cards they possess. Unlike the traditional games that provide users easy access to identical teams, the NFTdraft.io game requires you to own the players you play. In this new system, users will be able to move up and down the tournament ranks as individuals, not large segments. 

Speaking further, Sean also stressed numerous other features of their advanced game that will help the players to make big money in fantasy football.

“Our cutting-edge game also rolls out a set of smart features that will enable players to enhance their earnings in the game. You can strike it big with our multiplayer tournaments and freerolls. We return 50% of card-sale-revenue back to the community, which will create some huge prize pools We promise a new and truly thrilling gaming experience with us.”

For more information, please visit https://nftdraft.io

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