Pharaoh Sistare Brings Life Back to Music

Pharaoh Sistare Brings Life Back to Music

Photo by: Tristan Ruark

Everyone has something in life that fosters their hopes for a successful future. For some, it is the vision of securing a monetarily steady life that goads them on and propels them within the confront of various challenges. For others, having the opportunity to have a life beyond their wildest dreams  fuels them forward. Within the case of Pharaoh Sistare, knowing he was born with the purpose in life to inspire others, leaving a rewarding legacy for future generations and sounding the bells of self expression through his music and style has continuously stood as a source of  light in the valley of life’s challenges. Having now a clear path for his dreams to flourish, Pharaoh is trailblazing to the top and is taking the world along for the journey.

Pharaoh Sistare is a multi-talented artist from Richmond, Virginia. Growing up surrounded by prominent individuals in the music industry, Pharaoh cultivated his natural talent throughout the years. His music speaks to our hearts’ love of nostalgia, while sweeping his listeners away in a tornado of flower petals to a land of wonder and glee, people are inevitably spellbound to listen to his tracks.

As young as six years old, Pharaoh Sistare already started his music journey. He got into music production at an early age, and upon spending most of his time creating beats for other artists, he realized that he life is too short to be the background character in someone else’s story, so he gathered his talents and began to embark on his own musical ambitions. Producing his own songs, he is able to fully encompass the audience in his many realms. Within his stellar production, one can instantly hear ringing chimes of the past, with iconic influences like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix and many more, Sistare has the makings of becoming one of the greatest artists this generation has seen in a long time. His songs are known for enchanting his listeners to play them on repeat, giving his listeners the soundtrack to their freedom and imagination. 

With his first single “Strobe Light” releasing in September of 2019, frontiering the wave of pre-eighties sounding music, Pharaoh Sistare has since taken that time crafting his debut album “Once Upon a Groove” (releasing June 4th). Upon the albums’ upcoming release, Pharaoh is shining a new light on his first single by releasing the music video for “Strobe Light” on May 21, 2021. Sistare says, “I believe racism would be solved simply by the colorful rays of light that beam down on party-goers across the world. It is under these lights, where we see that we are all apart of the same race, the “heuman race”. People from all corners of the globe of all shades and backgrounds become translucent when those shifting colors start to encompass their very being. That’s what Strobe Light is all about.”

Each of Pharaoh Sistare’s songs can transport listeners to a specific place and time. May it be at a beach party back in the ’60s, a raving disco dance floor, or an enchanted forest, Pharaoh brings his listeners to his imagination through his unique and magnetic production. Each track is built on its own unique world, and at the core of each track lies a beat that makes people want to feel good and dance. With just four singles out currently, Pharaoh has already amassed over 30,000 streams on Spotify, and people from all over the world rage over his incomparable sound. His music allows his listeners to enter his own worlds, and his tracks encourage people to live life freely and make the world a harmonious place.  

Aside from Pharaoh’s remarkable music encompassing his artistry, he is also known for having a formidable history in fashion. Pioneering trends made popular today, his background in fashion design, sewing, and styling paved the way for the creation of his own style and others, while expressing his inner identity. His long love for dancing also separates him from his competitors. A multi-talented star in the making, Pharaoh is set to take the music industry by storm.

Pharaoh Sistare  is a multi-talented artist, singer, dancer, stylist and producer. Building his success by endlessly pursuing his passions, Pharaoh was able to break away from the boundaries of societal norms and utilize his talents to succeed. He carved his own path, and was able to flourish in the journey. Encouraging his listeners to be the person they genuinely desire to be, he continues to break boundaries, set trends, inspire and kindle the imaginations of people far and wide. All the while, proving thriving in one’s passion and being genuine in one’s identity is the surest way to achieving greatness.

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