Reach Reality Announces Expansion of Augmented Reality Services

From Instagram filters to 3D product projections, the company is making augmented reality a new norm in digital marketing.

Miami, Fla. – May 17, 2021 – Reach Reality, a company that specializes in augmented reality marketing for social media, announced today that they have expanded their service offerings with new AR solutions for businesses.

The Miami-based company now offers a full range of augmented reality services designed to enhance their client’s brand awareness and marketing efforts in innovative ways. These services include AR social media filters, immersive QR code experiences, and custom projects tailored to a specific business or campaign.

“Our goal is to make augmented reality more accessible so companies can reach wider audiences in creative and interactive ways,” said co-founder Cory Silverstein. “We can add a new dimension of interactivity to any brand by integrating high-quality AR into marketing strategies regardless of your industry or the type of company you own.”

Reach Reality can turn any product into a 3D augmented reality filter that your customers can try on or try to engage with from their phone, tablet, or laptop. In addition to social media filters, these virtual projections can also be integrated into Shopify or be used as digital ads to drive sales and grow a brand’s digital presence.

“AR filters are a proven method to raise awareness and increase engagement,” said Silverstein. “There are no limits to the possibilities of experiences we can create when we integrate augmented reality into advertising and marketing.”

As a pioneer of augmented reality marketing, Reach Reality has worked with reputable companies across various fields. Some of their best-known clients include the Miami Heat, Champ Sports, Atlantic Records, 300 Ent, Right Hook Digital Marketing, Silly George, Doll Face Beauty Johnson, and Johnson, Columbia Records, and Republic Records.

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