Vircontech Ltd Innovates With Its Concept to Revive Local Businesses and Cities

Revive cities and local business, AI Virtual concept technology, Vircontech conquering European Cities.

A young startup conquering European cities.

Budapest based tech company brings local Governments, local businesses, and citizens on a common platform to revive districts.

In participation with several local Governments, Mayors, Town halls, and local business and trade associations, Vircontech, Budapest, has developed an innovative solution to boost the local economy, generate employment and increase district tax collections. Harnessing the power of tested technologies – 3D modeling, VR, AR, AI, and Marketplace Analytics, packaged in user friendly apps for specific user groups it is a first comprehensive tech solution specifically created to revive our cities.

The solution breathes fresh hope to cities and small towns faced with business closures and unemployment arising from increased online spending and reduced footfalls due to the pandemic.

Already with a valuation over a billion $, Vircontech Ltd started a fund raising campaign to implement its concept more than 20 European cities before to go worldwide.

Key benefits include:

• Local governments can offer solutions and access real-time data and metrics on resources available, helping them make governance decisions, optimise resources and creation of employment opportunities are a few tangible benefits.
• Local businesses are empowered via a dedicated city-level app offering marketing and promotion opportunities, optimised with AI-based personalisation.
• Every citizen can be gainfully involved in the development through a dedicated, feature rich Social Media app with increased levels of interaction and security.
• Carbon footprint and pollution levels are reduced due to a more efficient execution of the ‘Grow local, Buy local’ approach and macro level optimisation of logistics and distribution.
• The modular approach enables high levels of customisation to address any unique local issues. Starting at the district level, the solution can be seamlessly integrated with other districts, cities and scaled to offer a county and country-level solution.

Bringing together the power of tested technologies from across different application areas onto a common platform, the solution is ready to deploy and the company is already working with senior officials in various countries.

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About Vircontech Ltd:

Virtual Concept Technologies – Vircontech is a Budapest based technology startup with domain specialists in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Analytics including forecasting and trend analysis, 3D modeling, and global marketing.

Vircontech is wholly owned by Barthelemy Advisors with proven credentials for having developed projects in various domains worldwide.

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