Cosmic launches world’s first distributed ownership micro-mobility vending machines to support the growing shift away from 9-5 jobs

Cosmic has launched the world’s first micro-mobility vending machines for local entrepreneurs looking to become business owners.

Cosmic said those looking to start their entrepreneurial journey could invest in vending machines, allowing them to operate their entire mobility business digitized and on autopilot.

“The world is converging. The lines of industry are crossing, and demand for self-service and contactless mobility has grown tremendously. Combine that with people’s desire to become business owners and get away from the typical soul-sucking 9 to 5 and the fundamental principle of a vending machine, and that’s Cosmic. We make it the easiest to earn from mobility,” a company representative said in a statement.

Apart from profitability, Cosmic says vending machines provide entrepreneurs with the flexibility to work on their own schedule and the freedom of being their own boss.

Cosmic began as the fastest growing network of shared vehicles worldwide. It partners with locals to provide personal and individual vehicles, with 25% more affordable prices and less responsibility than purchasing, financing, renting, or leasing after factoring in all costs.

With the pandemic giving birth to increasing individuals looking for “side hustles,” the company has launched the first micro-mobility vending machines to help them keep pace with the digital economy’s demands.

“They can ditch the 9-5 daily grind and have much more time doing other things with family and friends. What vending machines provide is an answer to individuals’ search for financial freedom and getting away from dockless scooters and e-bikes. This is anyone’s chance to own a part of the infrastructure to support the new world order and the growing demand in transportation, “the representative added.

Cosmic said individuals could earn 3 to 4 times the annual income of a decent 9 to 5 job with an investment of approximately $25,000 by turning to vending machines.

Cosmic created a training and certification program covering all types of micro-mobility business for people who aren’t sure or feel they aren’t educated enough, including teaching them how to source vehicles and launch with or without Cosmic on the platform. 

“It’s a pretty ingenious scheme. Cosmic connects you with local networks of trained and certified mobile repair and logistics freelancers to help you install and manage your mobility vending machines. That’s after Cosmic connects you with its global network of locations to install your mobility vending machines. It’s all managed on the cloud-based operating system,” the representative explained.

With social distancing measures and new technologies spawning changes in the economy as a response to evolving consumer demands, Cosmic said the idea of empowering entrepreneurs to buy vending machines could help them enter and become successful in transportation and vending machines – two businesses that are seen to revolutionize the world.

“These vending machine businesses could bring in millions of dollars a year for far less than a typical franchise to local business owners,” the representative said. 

Cosmic said becoming an automated mobility business owner is fast and easy. Individuals can own these automated mobility vending machines that operate 24/7 by signing up at Comic’s website or following the company’s contact information.

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