“Bring the Starting Point of the Silk Road to the World” 100 diplomatic envoys to China Enjoyed Xi’an Cultural Night

In the night of May 12th, the activity, “Savor the Glory of Han and Tang Dynasties” Xi’an Cultural Night for Global Diplomatic Envoys, was held at the Wyndham Grand Xi’an South.

“Savor the Glory of Han and Tang Dynasties” Xi’an Cultural Night for Global Diplomatic Envoys

This gala was an important part of the event — “Bring the starting point of the Silk Road to the world”, 2021 Economic, Trade and Cultural Tour of Xi’an for Diplomatic Envoys to China. It was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, organized by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, implemented by Shaanxi Han and Tang Cultural and Creative Research Institute and Beijing LOOKWE International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and sponsored by Xifeng Liquor, a well-known brand in Shaanxi. The attendees were: 102 diplomatic envoys to China, leaders of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, leaders of departments and bureaus directly under the provincial government, delegates of key industries and outstanding standardized enterprises in Shaanxi Province, and media from China and other countries.

Opening Dance “The Age of Dragons”

After the astonishing Drum Performance “The Age of Dragons”, the gala began.

Welcome Speech by Mr. Li Mingyuan


First of all, Mr. Li Mingyuan, the mayor of Xi’an, delivered a warm welcome speech on behalf of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. He extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced the history and culture in Xi’an as well as its development in recent years. He hoped that this event could further promote the prosperity and development of Xi’an and help the cultural and economic exchanges and the development of countries along “The Belt and Road”.

Speech by Muhammad Egamzod, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan

Mahmoud Yergarmuzadeh, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan, said “Through tonight’s event I had a better understanding about the culture of Xi’an. The ancient Silk Road once connected the exchanges and mutual learning between Eastern and Western civilizations. ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative has connected our hearts and cultures together. Let us join hands and contribute to the recovery, prosperity and development of the global economy.”

Speech by Grigor Kalinov Porozhano, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria

Ambassador Grigor Porozhanov from the Republic of Bulgaria delivered a speech. He said that the event was a very good one, which deepened people’s understanding of China and enhanced our friendship. They will definitely promote Xi’an and make the world get to know and like the city.

Speech by Li Chengping, President of Shaanxi Han and Tang Cultural and Creative Research Institute

Li Chengping, President of Shaanxi Han and Tang Cultural and Creative Research Institute also delivered a speech. On behalf the implementer of this event, he said, “The fact that we were asked to carry out such a big international conference fully demonstrates the trust of governments at all levels in us, which makes us feel a great responsibility. In order to hold this conference, our institute actively cooperated with relevant provincial and municipal government departments, meticulously planned and fully prepared. Now all the activities are being carried out in an orderly manner as scheduled. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my colleagues who have worked hard for this event.” 

Performance on the gala

Performance on the gala

Then, the ancient-style song and dance performances including the Tang Dynasty music dance “The Prosperity of Tang”, Shaanxi Opera (Wanwan Qiang) “Fantasy in Huaqing Palace”, the dance show “Thousand-hand Buddhist Goddess of Mercy”, the Tang dynasty folk music show “Dream back to Han and Tang Dynasties” and Chinese banquet music “To the Golden Age”, led the audience instantly through space and time. Everyone was taken back to the glorious age of the ancient capital Chang’an in the Han and Tang dynasties. Among them, there were also some fantastic exotic shows such as the Tajik Song and Dance and the acrobatic shoulder ballet “Swan Lake”. Especially, a tenor solo “My Sun” sung by Ambassador of the Independent State of Samoa to China attracted rounds of warm applause. All these various and colorful performances pushed the gala to the exciting climax one after another.

Photo of Sun Wei, the hostess, and Li Mei, First-class Actress of China

A diplomatic envoy to China said that it was a great pleasure to spend such a warm, peaceful, joyous and romantic evening in this early summer with unique cultural characteristics beside the Qujiang Lake at the foot of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, the ancient capital city. I can feel the profound history and culture as well as the fascinating glamour of this ancient capital through these wonderful art performances. I’m very thankful for the hosts, organizers, implementers and all performers of this event. I will come to Xi’an frequently from today on and make due contributions to the development of economic and cultural causes of Xi’an and Shaanxi.

Photos of guests and performers

Photo of envoys

Photo of guests

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