Artificial Intelligence Predicts Questions for UPSC IAS Prelims 2021

A first of its kind for any competitive examination in India, ExamRocker – a pioneer online platform for IAS examination has announced a Super Strategy using advancements in modern Artificial Intelligence, thereby finding the most probable questions for the IAS Preliminary Examination.

ExamRocker has released 600 Most Probable Questions for the forthcoming IAS Preliminary Examination, created by a system using Artificial Intelligence.  

“This is the closest recreation of the actual IAS Prelims Exam,” says Professor Narayan, Academic Director of “This is an intelligent stimulus to your study that acts as one of those power pills that boost the efficiency of your IAS preparation. Whatever your Preparation Strategy be till now, don’t Miss these Most Probable Questions”, Professor Narayan adds. 

The inputs ExamRocker used in the process includes the past exam papers meant to act as a reference for pattern and analysis, a set of the most widely used textbooks for all subjects to act as the base for question preparation, and current affairs of the last 15 months to act as a filter that attaches relevance to the IAS Prelims 2021. This whole data feed is over 13,000 pages of material and based on microanalysis, the AI system provides a calculated output.

And the final output is 600 most probable questions for the UPSC IAS Prelims 2021, which are then verified and evaluated by Subject Experts to ensure complete accuracy.

These 600 questions are presented in the form of 6 Test Papers that includes 5 online tests and 1 PDF File. And this PDF containing 100 questions and answers is available for FREE at 

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