TechForing Recommends the Best Cybersecurity Practices for Dynamic High Net-worth Individuals

Concierges Cybersecurity Service for Business Executives and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

A hacker attacks every 39 seconds, meaning 2244 times a day. Of course, the aim is not to create fear. TechForing, a cybersecurity agency that offers personal services to high net-worth individuals like celebrities, politicians, and executives, points out that being informed is the first step of protection against unknowing cyber attacks. The company also provides managed cybersecurity for individuals and their family members, which includes securing all the digital assets, devices, networks, accounts, etc along with monitoring and protecting online reputation, removing unwanted information from the deep and “regular” web. Let’s explore the different ways cybersecurity professionals recommend VIPs to think and act about their digital security.

The Big Three

TechForing recommends its customers to think about their cybersecurity as a set of three fronts:

Their financial accounts, cloud platforms, and social media profiles. This is true for high net-worth, well-known individuals. Those with more to lose, naturally, will often be more likely to receive high-frequency, high-intensity attacks aiming to take over any of their three fronts. To protect the Big Three, TechForing recommends the following strategies:

#1: Encrypting all communication methods

Encrypting messages with applications could save dollars, stress, and even protect lives at zero cost.

However, encrypted apps are just the beginning. TechForing’s CEO & MD, Rabiul Islam talks about the importance of encrypted devices:

“Even if all of your apps and accounts are secure, if the device itself is not, then you’re exposed. Government agencies, tech giants, and their competitors are trying to spy on us continuously. We encourage everyone with the ability to do so to take every foreseeable step to get their devices audited and checked by professionals.”

When in doubt, always take the option that offers the most privacy, even at a convenience’s cost.

#2: Keeping strong passwords and network hygiene

By now, everyone in the world knows that protecting information (sensitive or not!) with strong passwords is a must. TechForing’s advice is that, on top of strong passwords, find a secure way of storing them offline and combine this with two-factor authentication and biometric signatures. Another piece of advice is to avoid central password managers, as they can become single points of failure.

#3: Educating immediate associates

Criminals have been quick to realize that, to attack an individual, they do not necessarily need to go after their intended target.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about successful attacks that started by compromising an unknowing, innocent employee, friend, spouse, or even contractor, such as a therapist or trainer. To avoid this, TechForing recommends educating people about cybersecurity who are closest or securing communications.

#4: A dedicated professional team

Hiring cybersecurity professionals might sound like an extreme move to some people, but it’s only a matter of assessing the risk profile.

Nothing can be worse than being hit by something that could be prevented. Schedule a free cybersecurity risk assessment call with TechForing at –

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