Rayvon Cystrunk Making Life-Changing Moves with Acting and Music

Rayvon Cystrunk Making Life-Changing Moves with Acting and Music

Coming from poverty and a struggling background is never a good look for anyone. For Rayvon Cystrunk, a.k.a. Uno Paper Boi, making moves to change his story became the most important thing to him at an early age. Born in Riverside, California, Rayvon Cystrunk’s first idea of hustle was skateboarding before he moved to Atlanta in pursuit of more serious passions to change his life trajectory. He began to explore music and film and by 2006, he started participating in casting calls, playing extra roles in movies and trying to float his music career, all simultaneously.

His pursuit of a main acting role was backed by his ability to be multidimensional and multitalented. Atlanta has also grown to be the perfect place to hone his career as an actor and musician with different opportunities and industry connections to leverage. Rayvon’s strength as an actor lies in his ability to bring a character to life and take it beyond acting a role. “I make my characters feel more than make-believe and I have a dynamic range that fits many roles whether it’s neighborhood drug dealer or a classy Wall Street businessman,” he notes. His musical talent also makes him a high-value addition to various projects that may need multitalented people.

Rayvon Cystrunk, also known as Uno Paper Boi, creates music for audiences that relate to his background. He wants to connect with communities and people that come from nothing to give them hope that they can make it out of their struggles if they keep working. With about 15 years behind him since he got into the acting and music world, Rayvon is thankful for the journey so far and is confident about his status as an artist. He believes strongly in his talents drawing attention and hopefully earn him a big platform to showcase himself.

Building his brand has been largely motivated by his desire to become a big name on television and in the entertainment scene. While his biggest motivation is to turn things around for himself and his family, the drive is being fueled by the dreams he had as a young child to become a star. In five years, he hopes to be at the Oscars and other award shows, scoring nominations and wins alongside top names in music and film. Becoming an A-list actor and proving to the world that anybody can make it no matter where they come from. In his words, “It takes time to figure things out. That’s okay. Take your time, put in the work, and the results will show.”

He released his album titled Money Over Money in 2019, with songs like “Backstabbers” and “Ap” becoming fan favorites. He knows there’s more work ahead, and getting accepted as both a musician and actor are the biggest dreams he has. He hopes time plays in his favor for people globally to see the star in him and support him.

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