WIMI Realizes Naked-Eye Interactive High-Simulation AI Vision, the ‘Clone Technique’ of Science Fiction Movies Becomes Reality

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Realizes Naked-Eye Interactive High-Simulation AI Vision, the ‘Clone Technique’ of Science Fiction Movies Becomes Reality”. In recent years, holographic projection technology has been widely used in reality. In the concert of the Japanese virtual idol “Hatsune Miku”, the animated image of “Hatsune” is displayed through 3D holographic projection technology, which is quite realistic. As early as 1977, George Lucas used “Star Wars” to show people the holographic projection technology. In the film, the Jedi Knights only need to use a compass-sized device to make holographic video calls with others. In many fields, this technology is not only applied once, but the projection equipment is still quite large and expensive, and it will take time to be as compact as in “Star Wars”.

Generally speaking, the combination of artificial intelligence and AR will be able to reproduce faces, body language, behavior, voice, and the verbal expressions of any person that can persist after death in 3D and the real world. If you want, they will allow the creation of a dead person, a real person.

These digital simulations will become interactive, so you can have a conversation with them. In fact, people’s opinions, beliefs, and knowledge can also be uploaded to the portfolio, and real-world knowledge can be added.

WIMI has created the third-generation 6D light field holographic technology product through years of technical research and development, and its simulated user experience can be described as breathtaking. Holographic virtual stage and holographic virtual character are one of the core industries in the virtual reality industry, and they are also one of the most profitable industries in the world. WIMI has integrated the identities of holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers, and operators, and has become one of the largest integrated platforms in the holographic AI field in China.

WIMI was established in 2015, focusing on holographic cloud services, mainly focusing on vehicle AR holographic HUD, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation and other professional fields, covering from Holographic in-vehicle AR technology, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic vision semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication and other holographic AR technologies, it is a holographic cloud Comprehensive technical solution provider.

WIMI’s leading holographic AR content production function is built around image acquisition, object recognition, automatic image processing and computer vision technology. WIMI’s software engineering team and visualization design team work closely to advance these visualization-related technologies and use them to design and produce innovative holographic AR content. Through real-time computer vision algorithms that provide accurate pose estimation, scene recognition and tracking can be performed in a few seconds. This cutting-edge algorithm also allows WIMI to perform photorealistic high-resolution rendering visualizations on a pixel-based basis.

With the development of 5G technology, the characteristics of real-time transmission of 4K images with low latency and high rate characteristics have made image data transmission more stable. WIMI utilizes its powerful technical capabilities and infrastructure to provide excellent products and services. WIMI won the bid for China Mobile and the second phase of the holographic remote interaction of the media cloud platform, and is redefining China Mobile’s communication method through “5G + holographic remote”. Recently, with the rapid development of the electronic automobile industry, WIMI’s in-vehicle solutions have also reached a cooperation with Toyota’s electronic company to meet the needs of automotive holographic applications. The core business of WIMI is holographic AR technology for software engineering, media manufacturing services, cloud and big data. With the advent of 5G, WIMI looks forward to closer collaboration with more partners in the field of 5G real-time holographic communication, and jointly promote the implementation of new technologies and communication application scenarios as soon as possible to shape a better future.

With the full rollout of 5G, the next stage of development of the holographic industry may also usher in a new turning point. According to the latest report released by Mordor Intelligence, the holographic display market was valued at US$1.654 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to US$7.601 billion by 2024. During the forecast period of 2019-2024, the average annual growth rate will reach 28.4%.

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