Chinese talent Zhao Wenqi made the world’s longest spliced chopsticks

Chinese talent Zhao Wenqi made the world's longest spliced chopsticks

“Zhao Wenqi with his world record certificate”

A new world record for longest spliced chopsticks was verified by Unison World Record recently. Chinese talent Zhao Wen Qi made a couple of 4.616 meters chopsticks that break the world record in Shandong province, China.

Who is Zhao Wenqi? 

Zhao Wen Qi was a famous Chinese talent use to use his iron chopsticks performing on China Central Television. He was also invited by Korea SBS for chopstick skill performance. Zhao Wen Qi told Unison World Record, I’m a fans of Chinese chopstick culture and I want to promote this culture worldwide.

Zhao started his world record breaking journey since 2010. He want to use his chopsticks to break more world record and get the media attention for this culture. Work with Unison World Record which based in Finland, the largest world record registration company in European regions, Zhao Wen Qi prepare to break more record related to Chinese culture.

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