1 in 2 Kids Had Trouble Paying Attention While Learning Remotely During the Pandemic

Da Vinci Collaborative created a survey asking parents about their thoughts on remote learning, the impact it has on their children and how they’ve adapted to the new situation.

It goes without saying that 2020 was an extremely difficult year for everyone, including children. Unfortunately, children bore the brunt of this pandemic in an entirely different way, as their education experienced a massive shift. Many children were forced to stay home and adapt to a remote learning system, while their parents were struggling with working from home, as well. 

The teachers and tutors over at Da Vinci Collaborative have taken an initiative to gain perspective and understand how parents and children coped during these difficult times. They created a survey in which they asked parents about remote learning and the impact it’s had on their children, what changes they’ve noticed, and how they’ve adapted to the new situation. Here’s what they’ve found out.

54% of parents said their kids were learning exclusively from home

54% of parents said their children were learning remotely, while 30% were learning in a hybrid system, and 10% were going to school in-person. The survey showed that 53% of children were already exposed to online education pre-pandemic, so they were at least a little bit familiar with this new system. Unfortunately, many children had not had that experience, and for them, the sudden switch to home learning was more challenging.

4 in 5 children use a laptop or computer to learn remotely

81% of parents said their children had access to a laptop or computer to study, while 57% also used a tablet, and 55% had a smartphone. 71% of parents said their children had their own devices to use for school, and only 23% shared devices with their parents or other members of the family. 

The troubling part is that 2% of parents said their children had no devices they could use to learn. It might seem like a small percentage, but what it shows is that there are children whose education has come to a halt because they don’t have access to technology. 

Parents say their kids are more productive during classes, but less motivated to do their homework

40% of parents who participated in the survey said that their kids are more productive learning remotely, which is good news. However, 42% of parents stated that their children are less motivated when it comes to doing their homework. Furthermore, 52% of parents said children had trouble paying attention while learning from home.

Over 70% of parents think private online tutoring could be useful for their children

Learning from home isn’t the best fit for every child, just like remote work is not for everyone. Some children, particularly those with learning difficulties, might find it challenging to adapt to learning from home, with so many distractions and devices surrounding them. These children could benefit from some extra help, such as personalized tutoring classes with trained specialists.

Parents seem to agree with this: 42% of parents said private tutoring classes could possibly benefit their kids, while 30% said tutoring classes would definitely help. Some parents are already embracing tutoring as a means of helping their child learn more effectively. 43% of parents said their children were already taking extra classes to boost productivity.

More than 60% of parents trust that schools and authorities are doing the best they can

Despite the chaos and anxiety that defined the past year, parents have not lost trust in local and national authorities. 63% of parents said that schools and authorities are doing everything they can to make sure kids can return to school safely. This goes to show that parents remain hopeful and positive and rely on schools and institutions to help children return to the classroom safely.

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