Dragon Entertainment Hosts NFTiMart Launch with Popstar Aaron Paul

This party has been described as The Party of the Year, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence so the saying goes. So here goes: youngest US Shaolin Grand Master (Tyrone Bullock), a cousin of the legendary Tina Turner, hosting a rock and roll launch of NFTiMart combined with the birthday celebrations for award winning artist (Jennie Yip) and global philanthropist (Michael Daly) at Dragon Entertainment Studios, cofounded by Vietnamese actress and entrepreneur (Jocelyn Nguyen).

Dragon Squad (left to right): Dr. Leong Ying (Producer), Nate “The Mime” Moran, Jocelyn Nguyen (Producer), Grand Master Tyrone Bullock (Producer), Jimmy Chue (Producer), Charles Heimlich (Master of Ceremony)
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

Eclectic and electric would be appropriate adjectives to use to describe this United Nations of gathering in Jersey City, New Jersey. However, eclectic would be an understatement for party coordinator Dr. Leong Ying: Singapore-born, UK-educated, Americanized-Chinese nuclear physicist claiming to have scientifically proven GOD through his Twin Universe discovery, and the Creator of Our Collective global alliance. He is also the cofounder of NFTiMart with entertainment guru Vernon Gibbs and IT expert Mongkol Thitithamasak. And similarly, electric is inadequate to describe the explosive sparks generated by the performance of Aaron Paul, global pop and fashion icon, and former lead singer of the UK boys band Worlds Apart. Aaron premiere his new hit record NFT What the Funk! Co-composed by pop culture icon “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier, and mixed by reggae legend Paul “Virgo” Bent, exclusively for the launch of NFTiMart, crowning him officially The King of NFT.

International Popstar and Promoter of NFTiMart: Aaron Paul
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

Additional beauty and creativity came from the models sporting the designs of Jim Su, Jennifer Taves and Archie Phillips. And in-between the dynamic live music and delicious fashion show was the screenings of movie trailers of Dragon Squad, produced by Dragon Entertainment. And the private lists of celebrities and local socialites rocking and rolling up a storm could be taken straight out of a Who’s Who.

Models hosted by Dragon Entertainment, fashion designed by Archie Phillips
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

Designers (center): Jim Su and Jennifer Taves
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

Quadruple birthday celebrations (seated left to right): Isabella Nguyen, Jennie Yip, Michael Daly and Ida Wirasti.
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

Even in normal times, such a party would justify being labeled The Party of the Year!


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