Yanko Design Offers Innovative Designs Apt for Modern Day Living

Online magazine dominates the digital space by sharing timely product design stories that inspire millions of readers.

The world is continuously evolving with many crises coming into play, thus requiring humans to further innovate and adapt in the most efficient yet stylish way possible. There is no turning back to the world everyone once knows. New designs are not just any more nice-to-haves but have become necessities to optimize life in this tumultuous century.

To cast a spotlight on the new and avant-garde product designs, Yanko Design allows its readers to be in the know with their online magazine as they keep their eyes set on the future. They have several features already that are housed in categories such as product design, technology, automotive, architecture, and sustainability.

Yanko Design has a humble beginning, being a little blog back in 2002 that covers student work. They value what the young can put on the table especially with their vision that is arguably more advanced than the relatively old generation. As the dwellers and leaders of this planet in the near future, it just makes sense that they want to come up with more efficient ways of living by creating and using the things that could be upgraded versions of what we are using in the present.

Upon acquiring lots of interesting stories, Yanko Design has eventually grown into an international publishing company with millions of readers. Some of their articles are about outdoor cooking appliances, an iron man-worthy bike, shipping containers turned into a floating home, and many more.

More than sharing these out-of-the-box stories, they are redefining the ideal way of living and what must-have possessions actually look like. They are steadily staking their claim as an authority when it comes to product design online.

A lot of readers draw inspiration from the articles on their website. This is evident with the rise of their followers as well on social media with 1.8 million on Facebook and 1 million on Instagram. As readership and demand for new ideas soar, Yanko Design heed to the call of leveling up the storytelling game. They also offer a YD Daily Inspiration Newsletter that gives their readers all the relevant design news in one concise package. Subscribing to their newsletter also helps keep Yanko Design as a free resource for all. This is one of their ways of promoting a sense of community. After all, Yanko Design is for the people who want to live their lives more skillfully as they help one another.

Since the start of the pandemic, sharing relevant stories has been a way for people to show their concern to their fellowmen. Yanko Designs also stays true to this advocacy, which can be seen in their timely posts at https://www.yankodesign.com.

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Yanko Design is an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. They have a passion for the new, innovative, unique, and undiscovered with their eyes firmly focused on the future.

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