How To Start An At-Home Business Amidst The Pandemic: A Comprehensive Guide

Valentin Luboya has come up with an excellent publication about starting up and earning through an at-home venture in these times of crippling economic crisis.

Implementing the ways of entrepreneurship and money-making to make a successful earning potential for individuals.


COVID-19 is not merely a public health crisis or a global pandemic that has overtaken the regular course of life; it evidently has had grave consequences on the world’s economy and financial markets. The statistics corroborate that the incomes of multiple employees have reduced and that there has been a significant rise in the unemployment rate. The pandemic has wreaked havoc in all industries ranging from manufacturing, transport to services sector due to the mandatory implementation of disease mitigation measures. We are facing unprecedented inflation, volatile financial markets, crashing of stock markets; an overall adverse impact of the deadly coronavirus on the economy is starting to manifest around the world. Due to worldwide lockdown in multiple countries for months now, the total GDP of each state has hit rock bottom.

This is essentially because the human resources are not being properly managed and used for economic growth in this critical phase. Only specific, privileged groups of people that already have enough properties and assets and are backed by generational wealth, have the means to survive in these trying times where majority of the people are suffering from unemployment. The average masses are doomed; neither do they have a stable source of income nor are they left with any job prospects to opt for.

While severe financial calamities have struck people all across the globe, The Wealth 2021 is a book that can help you regain the strength you require to earn all over again. The objective of this book is to help you re-establish a thriving business, within the comfort of your home. This is your perfect guide to acquire wealth in these troubling times.

The Wealth 2021 focuses on your innate abilities to formulate a business idea and using those abilities for the inception of a successful and profit-oriented business.  The core purpose is to stimulate you so you can materialize the idea you have envisioned for your business, accomplish the goals you have set and drive your brand to ultimate success. The noteworthy aspect that must be shed light upon is that you can achieve all of this and more simply by working from home!


If one is to pay heed to it, the current pandemic can be viewed with a rather positive lens; it has opened up the door for new and expanded business opportunities as consumers adapt to post-COVID way of life. The book shall serve as the perfect read, giving you a deep insight into ways you can earn money from home and save yourself from the hassle of working outside or putting yourself at the risk of contracting the virus.

One thing’s for sure: Wealth 2021 will help you recognize and explore the untapped potential within you. The whole point is to make you reflect on your strengths and to motivate you, so you can build a strong financial base for yourself and experience growth from there onwards.

The book is written by Valentin Luboya, a prolific author who traveled from Congo to the United States of America, embarking on an unfamiliar journey that turned out to be his biggest learning experience. He has taken inspiration from his real life to draft a book that motivates readers to not give up and continue working towards the path of success.


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