Dubai’s R&D Firm PISIQ chooses to go to space using graphene

Dubai’s R&D Firm PISIQ chooses to go to space using graphene

When none believed Graphene’s miraculous nature, Dubai based PISIQ knew its worth already!

If mankind is ever going to settle on new planets the way it has planned and conduct expansive space exploration in the future, we’re going to need radically newer technologies.

According to PISIQ’s CTO Mudar Muhissen, Graphene’s exceptional thermal properties make it a perfect and an exciting remedy to one of the

PISIQ researchers strongly believe that Graphene is the best and the most suitable material to step in and lead the way. Its presence is abundant on Earth and, potentially on other planets too. Also, it is lightweight, thin, versatile, flexible, resistant, super strong, have thermal and electrical conductivity & more useful than one can ever think of, firmly stated Mudar Muhissen, CTO of PISIQ.

When he talked about it precisely, he said, one single atomic layer of Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel& far better at conducting heat and electricity than any other material. He further added, It also allows 97% of white light to pass through it, making it an ideal& a great material for solar energy. It’s discovery in 2004 has brought ‘n’ number of possibilities and endless ideas in the space industry worldwide & PISIQ is utilizing every bit of it.

PISIQ, a Dubai based R & D firm which stands for Peripheral Intelligent Systems In Quantum conducts in depth research in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Hardware, Security & Business Intelligence. It is headed by an intellectual force or we can say its strong pillars named, Mudar Muhissen and Nihal Mohammad Shaikh. It is currently working on the inexplicable use of Graphene for Future Space exploration. Here’s a synopsis of the infinite ways, Graphene may change our relationship with the Space for the best, confirmed PISIQ’s CEO Nihal Mohammad Shaikh.

Graphene’s Utility in Thermal Management

Toughest challenges of tomorrow’s space exploration that is temperature dynamics.

Managing heat, balancing cold, and the constant fluctuations between temperature is very important for satellites and other electronic equipment to function systematically & properly in space. He continued with an instance… the temperature difference between two sides of a satellite – one facing towards the sun & the other facing away, can be as significant as 200 degrees Celsius, suggested scientists from PISIQ’s recent research.

Withdrawing excess heat from electronics is generally carried out using a loop heat pipe. These pipes cool electronic devices by utilizing heat to evaporate fluid inside a wick prepared from porous metal. A Graphene coating on the outside of the wick enhances the efficiency of loop heat pipes, improvises heat transfer rates, & keeps equipment functioning optimally & autonomously for longer periods of time, both of which are significantly important to space exploration, PISIQ’s CTO Mudar Muhissen further added.

All about New Devices & On-The-Go Repairs

While elaborating Graphene’s miraculous qualities, PISIQ’s CEO Nihal Mohammad Shaikh liquidated about Graphene’s role in newer. Astronauts surviving& working in space can’t run to the store for new batteries or replacement electronic components when equipment needs to be repaired. Also, bringing extra equipment or batteries to space is proscriptive in & storage capacity. Future space exploration the ability to be highly self-sufficient & self-providing. And is making sure that the extraordinary qualities of very soon.

Utilized to produce a variety of equipment to batteries, gauges, supercapacitors, much more. This will allow astronauts to print their make repairs while on long-term space missions without technologies. He said they need them or when large stores of terms of both costing demands. PISIQ’s smart triad. Graphene shall make that possible. Printable Graphene inks can be from flexible electronic sensors printed electronics, & own devices & carrying & worrying about its quantity, CEO Nihal Mohammad Shaikh further added.

Taking this concept one step further:

PISIQ CTO Mudar muhissen suggested that byusing Graphene inks, Space colonists can create their very own devices as they build settlements. Can you think of imagining 3D printing your own solar panels for a house on the moon created from carbon minedfrom space? That’s what somebody is imagining&working out on its possibility right now, he added.


Does shining laser light onto flexible Graphene sails generate thrust? Asked PISIQ’s CTO Mudar Muhissen if yes, then let’s know it better. Solar light sails prepared from thin Graphene membranes may be able to propel satellites in space using light from lasers or even from the sun. Satellites propelled in this way could go way far for longer time periods than anything else we have in space already, he confirmed.

A Real Time Space Elevator?

One of the biggest inhibitor possibly the biggest one — towards future space exploration is actually reaching there, right? A space elevator could entirely change that. Researchers from Worldwide have been exploring the idea of an elevator for many years but PISIQ researchers are already on it.

This idea comprises of a base station with an anchor, an orbital station with a counterweight, a tether, & a carriage. Finding the right material which is strong enough for the tether has kept such an elevator from getting off the ground, but the miraculous Graphene may be the right solution. PISIQ scientists are already working to craft a diligently strong Graphene-based chain from single-crystal Graphene that could make dream space elevator a reality soon, confirmed the quick-witted triad.

Let Tomorrow Begin Today

While regular space travel & settling on other planets may seem out of reach as of now, PISIQ’s journey to turning those far-fetched ideas into reality begins the present day with the immensely useful & potential Graphene. The hurdles to enhanced space exploration for the future are many, but nano-materials such as Graphene, Graphene oxide, & Graphene on SiO2 have the real potential to provide the right solutions needed to move all of us to the next step. PISIQ is excited to be at the forefront of the Graphene research & to bring out the best possible outcome of it. Our high-quality & precise researches are the building blocks being utilized not only by us but also by the ones who are searching for ways to move mankind up & out into the universe, precisely space.

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