Eyelash Extension Brand Lovely US Launches New Digital Franchising Services

This beauty brand revolutionizes the industry by guiding small eyelash salon business owners across America.

Eyelash extension brand Lovely US announces the launch of its new digital franchising services. These services, which were set to change the beauty industry, provide the small lash salon business owners in America with first class digital video marketing run by the brands marketing department. Within months they establish these salons as the primary place for the lash extension service in their area, informing everyone around their locations about the lash extension service and connecting them to their local lash artists.

“This will truly change the beauty industry. We understand that the number one concern for you is gaining new clients to grow your business and we are here to help,” Lovely US CEO and founder Gloria Talipova said.
Lovely US offers individual eyelash extension lines with varying curl, thickness, and size; extension glues with different viscosity and drying time; eyelash isolation products like patches and tapes; various eyelash application accessories; and tweezers. The brand also has multi-colored lashes for fashion editorial and avant-garde photoshoots or looks.

Lovely US’s application product, like glue, has a hypo-allergenic variant that can be used by people with sensitive skin. Their lash wash and extension sealers are made from quality ingredients, providing a formula that’s safe to use.

Lovely US provides the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extension products for a better price. The brand is committed to sourcing ethical and innovative products for various eyelash applications. The company strives to create products that last longer, look better, and are truly amazing for both beginner and professional use.

The representatives of Lovely travel around the world to give hands-on editorial lash application lessons, judge eyelash competitions, meet the press, and speak at international events. Armed with professionalism and dedication, the brand continues to provide innovations in the beauty industry in the digital age. To browse, shop, and know more about Lovely US, be sure to visit https://lovelyus.com.

About Lovely US

Lovely US is an internationally recognized lashes and beauty accessories brand. Founded in 2012, Lovely has grown to be one of the largest eyelash companies in Europe, Russia, and other neighboring countries where the eyelash extensions business has evolved into an art. Now the brand has stores, salons, and distributors in countries. In 2018, Lovely US officially opened an office in the United States to distribute its products all over North America.

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