Affordable Bathroom Renovations: Five Upgrades That Can Improve A Home’s Value

Affordable Bathroom Renovations: Five Upgrades That Can Improve A Home's Value

Affordable Bathroom Renovations: Five Upgrades That Can Improve A Home’s Value

Whether selling a home, or simply give it a facelift, maximizing the value from any renovations is paramount. Many homeowners seek to accomplish this goal by renovating bathroom spaces.

While bathroom renovations are a great way to boost a home’s resale value, they can be quite expensive. It’s important to choose renovation projects wisely, in order to get a good return on investment. Making the wrong move could reduce profit margins a solid amount.

A cost-effective way to modernize a bathroom is to focus on plumbing fixtures. It’s surprising just how much of a difference these renovations can make in terms of value and function. 

Below, we’ll provide the top 5 bathroom plumbing upgrades that can improve a home’s value.

1. Faucets

Old or worn-out sink faucets and handles can ruin an otherwise beautiful vanity. Fortunately, these fixtures are extremely affordable to replace. By simply restoring an existing sink bowl and choosing modern, aesthetically pleasing fixtures, it can help give a bathroom a whole new look.

Keep in mind that a potential buyer will likely use the bathroom while they are there. Not only will the new fixtures look great, they’ll perform better, too. This can really help the realtor close the deal when someone comes to see the home.

The best part is that a skilled plumber can install a faucet in no time. Swapping out the old fixtures is quick and easy for the right plumbing contractor. Choosing efficient upgrades like faucet replacement is vital when looking to list a home quickly.

2. Showerheads

While a potential buyer is not going to be giving the shower a test run, they are almost certainly going to poke around while they’re in the bathroom. A dirty or discolored showerhead can serve as an immediate dealbreaker for clients. To make matters worse, these old showerheads can leak, causing a home to fail an inspection and delay the closing.

Like faucets, showerheads can be replaced quickly. They are an extremely affordable bathroom renovation option that will go a long way in boosting overall value.

By replacing an existing showerhead with a modern alternative, it can boost a home’s value and help to intrigue buyers. Even wanting to upgrade to a unique showerhead, like a large, waterfall variety, might be a smart move. These showerheads are found in a number of modern homes and are extremely popular for homeowners.

Relocating a showerhead is not a DIY project, though. This task is best left to a skilled plumbing contractor. They will need to modify existing piping and cut away tile or ceiling material. In the end, though, the extra investment will pay dividends in terms of resale value and can give a bathroom that modern look that it needs.

3. Vanities and Plumbing

Replacing an existing vanity is not technically a plumbing update. With that said, a new vanity kit can completely change the appearance of a bathroom. These vanity sets can be purchased at a local hardware store. They can even be found in the clearance section when the next year’s models are being delivered.

Once a new vanity has been picked out, all that is needed to do is contact a licensed plumber to complete the installation. They will help find the perfect fixtures and sink bowl to go with the vanity. Potential buyers will be drawn to the refinished bathroom, with new plumbing and a modern vanity serving as the centerpiece.

Having the piping run correctly underneath the bathroom sinks is essential for another reason, as well. When a buyer makes an offer on a home, they’ll have the opportunity to schedule an inspection. If the pipes or fixtures leak, a home may not pass. This can delay closing, or worse, cause the sale to fall through.

Do not risk missing out on this hot seller’s market. Upgrade the plumbing and vanity to ensure a smooth closing process and an increased resale value.

4. A New Throne

One of the best investments that can be made when renovating a bathroom is to purchase a new toilet. Aging toilets don’t just look bad; they tend to function poorly, as well. 

Here are some of the common signs that a toilet is due for an upgrade:

  • Having a round bowl
  • The tank or base has visible cracks or chips
  • The toilet is discolored
  • The toilet fits poorly in the bathroom
  • The toilet is inefficient or outdated

If any of the following is occurring, then the toilet could be affecting the appeal of a bathroom. While any homeowner can appreciate the need to replace a visibly damaged toilet, those other issues are important, as well.

For example, a round toilet bowl will not trap odors as efficiently. That is why modern toilets include an elongated, oval-shaped bowl. An oval shape also provides a larger seating area, which is more comfortable for potential buyers.

When replacing an existing toilet along with other fixtures, advertise the modern and efficient bathroom. New fixtures will also reduce water waste, which will be reflected on the utility bill for the next owner. 

5. Energy-Efficient Water Heater

No bathroom remodel is complete without a modern water heater. Potentially, even upgrade to an instant hot water heater. This convenient appliance can replace an existing water heater.

Place a smaller instant hot water heater directly in the master bathroom. This unique upgrade will facilitate unlimited hot showers.

If opting for a tankless version, expect to save hundreds of dollars on the energy bill each month, while also reducing the total environmental impact.

Giving a bathroom a complete line-up of efficient equipment is a great cost-saving measure. Unlike purely aesthetic improvements like new tile or backsplash, plumbing upgrades will translate to a notable increase in value.

Trusting A Plumber

It’s important to remember that a home will have to pass an inspection before closing. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to perform haphazard DIY bathroom renovations that aren’t up to code. This can cause failed inspections, the need for costly repairs, and can even result in fines from a building inspector.

As a homeowner currently considering making upgrades to a bathroom, having a reliable plumbing company to make it happen is essential. For all plumbing needs, there’s I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning. We are experts, with over 30 years of plumbing experience, who can help find the ideal renovation solutions to meet any needs.

We offer excellent pricing on all services and are ready to get started on any project. 

Call or email today, to schedule an appointment!

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