Malachi Mustafa of Credible PR Builds a Legacy for Clients

Malachi Mustafa of Credible PR Builds a Legacy for Clients

In a market flooded with long-established companies and newer start-ups, visibility is a significant factor in achieving more growth. Some may think that if a business is not well known, it is not reliable. But Malachi Mustafa and Credible PR believe that burgeoning brands are already credible; only people have yet to notice. And bringing awareness to these industry newcomers is what this PR agency specializes in.

Malachi Mustafa, a nationally ranked chess player and prodigy, is the founder of Credible PR. His love for the game remains an influence in his life, and he chose to incorporate a chess piece into the logo as a nod to his competitive past. But the logo is not the only chess-related thing in Credible PR. Mustafa approaches brand strategy with the same passion, vigor, and critical thinking that he once invoked during tournaments. “I take what I learned about chess and apply that to the work I do with my clients,” Mustafa shared. “And that approach has yet to fail me.”

After graduating from university in 2012, Malachi Mustafa entered the world of marketing and PR. He has spearheaded large-scale marketing campaigns for companies such as Atlantic Records, Mountain Dew, Guitar Center, Palladium, and many more. After generating millions of revenue for marketing and technology companies, Mustafa decided to create an agency dedicated to helping SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise clients develop a brand strategy. He shared, “We help businesses and individuals curate content and secure placements on national publications.”

Credible PR provides a way for new and emerging brands to sidestep industry gatekeepers through prominent media placement and enterprise-level content curation. “I tell my team and my clients that we don’t make businesses credible. They are already credible when they approach us. Our services simply place a spotlight on the hard work and expertise that these brands have already developed,” the business strategist shared. 

In an effort to obtain heightened visibility and awareness for less-known or new businesses, Credible PR intentionally serves minority-owned and veteran-owned businesses. “These types of businesses rarely get the attention they deserve. My father and maternal grandfather are both veterans, which is why it is so important to me to serve that community with intentionality and care,” Mustafa shared. 

Because every business is different, it is essential for Malachi Mustafa and the Credible PR team to learn more about each brand’s story, projects, and products. This information is used to create an authentic brand narrative that will help it stand out. Credible PR takes the time to learn about their clients to feature their companies in the publications that will impact them the most. Mustafa shared, “What I love most about the work I do is that I get to be an advocate for my clients and their brand.”

Malachi Mustafa believes that impactful does not always equate to big numbers, notoriety, or fanfare. He said, “It is about what makes you come alive. There are so many people who are passionate about their work and who relentlessly pursue their dreams. I want Credible PR to be there for those people and offer them the support they need to flourish.”

Credible PR is an Ohio-based agency that specializes in bespoke PR services for businesses in any industry. For more information, you may visit the company website.

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