Photographer Rachel Lucus Launches Masterclass on Starting a ‘Kickass’ Photo Business

Photographer Rachel Lucus Launches Masterclass on Starting a ‘Kickass’ Photo Business

Photographer and entrepreneur Rachel Lucus believes that she has found the recipe to help aspiring photographers achieve their dreams. The evidence of her success lies in her 6-figure business and travel experiences spanning all the continents of the world. The knowledge she holds is remarkable for a woman of her age, and she now wants to share those lessons in the form of a monthly Masterclass for photographers.

Rachel can empathize with how overwhelming it can be to get started in the photography business. This is one of the major reasons she began planning this course.  She knows that the lessons she has to offer can help a struggling photographer deal with the stress of starting out. During her time behind the camera, Rachel learnt that she would accomplish nothing if she wasn’t organized or structured. Through this hard lesson, she decided to start her own ‘kickass’ photo business.

Her business allowed Rachel to focus on the things in life that are the most important to her. She was able to devote time to relationships, travelling the world, spontaneously driving into the mountains to hike, and taking days off to go wine tasting.

You may not know this about me, but I’ve always loved planning a good party. And I didn’t realize until I was older that it’s because I love bringing people together. I love that feeling when my friends become friends. And I love it all the more when my friends become friends with my friend’s friends. That’s why I love being a wedding photographer so much”, says Rachel Lucus.

Rachel has come a long way since then with a 6-figure income and a team of associate photographers. Rachel has worked as a photographer at over 200 weddings so far. One day, people started asking Rachel how they could replicate the same results in their business too. This inspired her to put together a program to teach her methodology.

I love seeing everyone in a couple’s lives mingling and coming together to support their love. It’s nirvana to me. But it’s also why I love being an educator and hosting my monthly Masterclass. I want to bring you together over a common interest in being better business owners”, says Rachel Lucus.

Rachel Lucus wants to help aspiring photographers climb the ladder with ease and efficiency. She hopes that through her course, they too will learn from her mistakes and experiences and go on to taste similar success.

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