Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline: Comprehensive Analysis of 60+ Key Players and 60+ Pipeline Therapies

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline: Comprehensive Analysis of 60+ Key Players and 60+ Pipeline Therapies

“Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline”
DelveInsight’s “Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Perspective, 2021” report provides in-depth analysis of the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer market’s current clinical development landscape and growth prospects.

DelveInsight’s “Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Perspective, 2021” report provides in-depth analysis of the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer market’s current clinical development landscape and growth prospects. The disease summary and Advanced Pancreatic Cancer care recommendations are included in a clear image of the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer pipeline landscape along with a detailed layout of pipeline therapies in different stages, with different MoA, RoA, Product type, Molecule type, and so on. 

Some of the Crucial Highlights from the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Report

  • There are more than 60 Advanced Pancreatic Cancer pipeline therapies in various stages of production, and their projected entry in the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer market will result in substantial market revenue growth.

  • For Advanced Pancreatic Cancer, emerging therapies like Eryaspase, EndoTAG-1, and Masitinib are in Phase III clinical trials, while IMM-101, Anktiva, and CAN-2409 are in Phase II trials.

  • Some pipeline therapies, such as L-DOS 47, are in the Phase I/II of clinical development for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.

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Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Disease Overview

When Pancreatic Cancer is unresectable or cannot be removed by surgery, it is considered advanced. The cancer has spread to adjacent blood vessels or lymph nodes, as well as organs beyond the pancreas (metastasis). In most cases, this is step III or IV. There are two types of stage IV pancreatic cancer- Stage IVA and Stage IVB.

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer may cause only vague, unexplained symptoms, such as abdominal or back pain, weight loss, and nausea. Jaundice (yellowing of the skin, eyes, or both) with or without scratching is a condition in which the skin, eyes, or both are yellow. Appetite loss, and nauseous, a change in stool Recent-onset diabetes, pancreatitis

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is often not detected until it has progressed to Stage IVA, which means the cancer has spread to other organs or large blood vessels. Surgical removal of the cancer (which offers a possibility of long-term cure) is rarely an option when this happens. As a result, the aim of treatment for Stage IVA pancreatic cancer patients is to promote remission, which is a cancer-free duration that can last months or years, as well as to avoid and monitor symptoms.

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Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Analysis: Drug Profile

EndoTAG-1: Syncore Biotechnology

Product Description

EndoTAG-1 (SB05) is a novel combination of paclitaxel, a well-known cytostatic compound, and neutral and positive lipids. SB05 interacts with newly developing, negatively charged endothelial cells, which are particularly important for the growth of tumour blood vessels, due to the positively charged lipids. The SB05 paclitaxel portion targets activated endothelial cells as they divide, limiting blood flow to tumours while not affecting healthy tissue’s non-activated endothelial cells. SB05 is supposed to stop the development of new tumour blood vessels and slow tumour growth by doing so.

Research and Development in the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Landscape

Phase III

NCT03126435: SynCore Biotechnology began a randomised controlled, open label, adaptive phase-3 trial in June 2018 to compare the safety and efficacy of EndoTAG-1 Plus Gemcitabine versus Gemcitabine alone in patients with detectable locally advanced and/or metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas who had failed FOLFIRINOX therapy. By June 2022, the trial is expected to be completed.

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies

  • Eryaspase: ERYtech Pharma

  • EndoTAG-1:  Syncore Biotechnology

  • Masitinib: AB Science

  • IMM-101 : Immodulon Therapeutics

  • Anktiva: ImmunityBio

  • CAN-2409: Candel Therapeutics

  • L-DOS 47: Helix BioPharma

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Therapeutics Assessment

  • By Product Type

    • Monotherapy

    • Combination Therapy

  • By Stage

    • Discovery

    • Pre-Clinical

    • Phase I

    • Phase II

    • Phase III

    • Pre-registration

  • By Route of Administration

    • Inhalation

    • Intravenous

    • Oral

    • Subcutaneous

  • By Molecule Type

    • Small Molecule

    • Stem Cell Therapy

    • Gene Therapy

  • Targets

    • Immune System

    • Multiple Kinase

  • By Mechanism of Action

    • Protease Inhibitors

    • Immunomodulatory

Scope of the Report

Coverage: Global

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Key Players: ERYtech Pharma, Syncore Biotechnology, AB Science, Immodulon Therapeutics, ImmunityBio, Candel Therapeutics, Helix BioPharma, among others.

Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Pipeline Therapies: Eryaspase, EndoTAG-1, Masitinib, IMM-101, Anktiva, CAN-2409, L-DOS 47, and others.

Table of Contents




Executive Summary


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Overview


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer- Analytical Perspective In-depth Commercial Assessment


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Pipeline Therapeutics


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Late Stage Products (Phase III)


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Mid Stage Products (Phase II)


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Early Stage Products (Phase I/II)


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Preclinical Stage Products 


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Therapeutic Assessment


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Inactive Products


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Company-University Collaborations (Licensing/Partnering) Analysis


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Key Companies


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Key Products


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer- Unmet Needs


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer- Market Drivers and Barriers


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer- Future Perspectives and Conclusion


Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Analyst Views




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Key Questions Answered in the Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Report

  • What are the treatment choices for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer that has progressed?

  • How many companies are developing Advanced Pancreatic Cancer treatments?

  • What are the most popular therapies produced by these companies in the industry?

  • How many Advanced Pancreatic Cancer therapies are being produced by each company?

  • How many emerging Advanced Pancreatic Cancer therapies are being developed for the treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer in its early, middle, and late stages?

  • Out of the total pipeline drugs, how many are provided as monotherapies and in combination with other therapies?

  • What are the most important industry-industry and industry-academia collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, and significant licencing activities that will impact Advanced Pancreatic Cancer?

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