Viewspire builds a foundation of knowledge, positive messaging and empowerment; 10,000 Hug Buddy postcards delivered

Reimagining mental health through fashion, accessories and resources.

Commerce Township, Michigan – May 20, 2021 – What started as a child’s loving creation has turned into a mental health movement.  Founded in 2021, Viewspire and its mascot, the Hug Buddy, are reimagining mental health through images that can be universally recognized to influence the way people think and feel.   These images are placed on a variety of high-quality apparel and accessories.

Viewspire’s co-founder, and leading psychologist Nikki O’Donnell says of the product, “The reality is that mental health stigma continues to exist. In order to shift something so integrated in our culture, we need to be able to appeal the types of influential culture that people can really connect and identify with.” Simply stated, Viewspire is making mental health cool through our postcard program and fashion.  Viewspire will re-brand mental health and build a positive, culturally integrated and accessible view of mental health for upcoming generations to build upon.

To compliment retail, Viewspire offers several distinct opportunities.  First, the Hug Buddy postcard program, which gifts thousands of Hug buddy postcards to individuals, schools and public /private organizations throughout the United States. Each time an order is placed, there is an impactful chain reaction of kindness which also serves as a subtle introduction to mental health (1 Purchase = 18 Potential Impacts).  Colored cards are completed by the Viewspire junior executive team or local community members (children and parents alike).  Viewspire surpassed 10,000 cards delivered on May 17, 2021.

Program Overview:  

• When an order is placed, the recipient receives a colored card that they can either keep or forward.
• During checkout, the buyer has the opportunity to identify another person to receive a colored card, free of charge. 
• For each placed order Viewspire allocates 10 blank cards for donation.
• As a limited time offer, each time a purchaser tags Viewspire on social media while showing their swag, 5 additional blank cards are donated.
• Interested parties are able to make a monetary contributions towards additional Hug Buddy postcards (blank or completed).
• Organizations/schools who wish to receive any quantity of blankcards to complete and distribute as part of mental health education orgeneral acts of kindness can do so FREE of charge.

Secondly, Viewspire is committed to making mental health and wellness education available to individuals, businesses and organizations.  They do this by providing FREE downloadable digital mental health resources and FREE and paid for school / organizational / business seminars and speaking engagements.

Glen Schwartz, Viewspires co-founder and co-owner of Viewpoint Psychology and wellness says, Viewspire has several other initiatives in process including, the furtherance of the worlds first blockchain based mental health nonfungible Token (NFT) and the creation of a mental health centric board game which will act as a pathway towards furthering mental health discussion.  In his words, “while we can’t change the world, we can certainly make an impact”.  If we can help even one person through Viewspire, then the project is a success”


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