Spending Made Easy Offers More Effective Approach In Easing Budgeting Problems

Spending Planner Specialists create Spending Plans for clients to break out of financial trouble faster.

Surely one of the most common sources of stress for most folks is when they cannot make ends meet. Financial distress causes tremendous anxiety and even sleepless nights, and that is certainly one that is extremely tough to get rid of. Even the best budget planning seems to fail, and no amount of salary increase gives the feeling of relief from the economic strife. Spending Made Easy founder Samantha Boardman says most people spend what they earn, and tend to focus more on managing their income, instead of focusing on the outcome. This inspired her to create the company Spending Made Easy and over the years, she has taught financially distraught families and individuals how to manage their spending, which is the best way to financial freedom. “Spending Plans change lives, and they love it” says Boardman.

With highly proficient and experienced budgeting experts, who prefer to be called Spending Planners, Spending Made Easy construct Spending Plans for families, single parents, individuals, and teenagers that guides them in tracking and controlling their outgoing money. “Yep, teenagers that are working, parents you should be charging them rent” said Boardman). This enables the person to efficiently manage their spending, and eventually start building up savings. They also have full control of their finances and are not required to divulge their earnings or bank details to get the help they need.

Using specialized easy-to-use software, a person can forecast their financial capacity for up to ten years, which aids them in planning for major purchases and spending in to the future. “A Spending Plan is the best way to go as budgets are a thing of the past. With a Spending Plan, you never need a calculator, it knows when your next bill is due and it knows how much money you need to have in your bank account, at any one time, to live the lifestyle you have set up for yourself,” said Boardman, who wrote the book “Budgeting Is Crap.”

For those looking to decrease their money stress, Spending Made Easy offers three packages – DIY: for those who are a little more confident and want to start on their own, Support & Guidance: for those who want some assistance, and Unlimited: for those who want unlimited assistance. These can be found at https://www.spendingmadeeasy.com.au/packages

And for those looking for a great read, the book “Budgeting is Crap” which is full of light hearted stories and exercises to help you on your way, is available at https://www.spendingmadeeasy.com.au/budgetingiscrap

About Spending Made Easy

Spending Made Easy offers financial support to clients struggling with day-to-day finances. Its Spending Planners use a unique and effective method that focuses on the client’s spending, and how to manage it more efficiently.

To know more, go to https://www.spendingmadeeasy.com.au/

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