Australia’s Renewable Energy Solutions Provider Apex Renewables Launches Services in North America

This company gives people the option to use solar energy to power their homes as an investment and as a means to spend less on their yearly energy bills.

People today face higher electric bill charges than ever before brought on by stay-at-home orders, temperature changes, growing families and much more. With the rising cost of living due to the pandemic, people are now looking for long-term solutions to save and spend their money more wisely. To help many Americans in these areas, Apex Renewables, Australia’s renewable energy solutions provider, recently launched its services in the country. The company offers its products for both residential and commercial properties.

“Why rent your energy, when you could own it for less? Our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers are making an impact every day on the way Australians are using their energy. We saw combined annual savings of roughly $7,039,656 for our customers in 2019. That year we also saw more than 2,612 residential fittings and over 976 commercial installations,” a spokesperson of the company said.

“We believe in freedom from your energy bills through solar. As power prices continue to rise, we allow homeowners to utilize solar as an investment. This allows them to pay less to own their energy than rent it from their provider.”

Apex Renewables offers solar energy products, battery systems, and commercial solar solutions in a client-first payment plan. The company analyzes the homeowner’s previous energy bills first to determine their current energy needs. Then, an Apex solar expert will tailor an appropriate energy solution suitable to the homeowner’s requirements.

Based on the current energy rates or tariffs in the area, with the inclusion of feed-in and usage rates, the Apex expert will calculate the expected savings from the proposed system in a weekly, quarterly, and yearly consumption.

Taking the expected savings into account, the Apex expert will aim to tailor a payment plan that utilizes the expected savings, then redirects a portion towards the payment of the proposed solar system. The goal is to achieve a solution that is cash-flow positive for the homeowner.

Using only the best CEC accredited installers, the tailored solar solution is installed for the homeowner. Finally, the homeowner can sit back, while the solar solution pays for itself.

Apex Renewables is one of Australia’s fastest-growing solar and renewable energy advocates. As such, the brand has made it its mission to educate and empower as many Australians as possible to take control of their energy needs by switching to clean and renewable energy. Now, the time has come for it to expand its reach to North America. The company’s three pillars of excellence see that it provides quality system performance, a seamless installation process, and prompt after-market service.

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About Apex Renewables

Apex Renewables is Australia’s premier solar and renewable energy solutions provider. Its mission is to allow families to take control over the way their electricity is generated and paid for by making what can be a complicated process very simple. Its team of experts won’t bore clients with technical jargon but instead guide them toward the best result for their property.

With over 8 years of industry experience, the Apex Renewables staff are well versed in every aspect of solar and renewable energy. Being one of Queensland’s most trusted providers, its warranties are unmatched. With a 10-year workmanship warranty, its clients feel safe in knowing that they’ll be covered for years to come.

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