Acquisition Machine: Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (Stock Symbol: GTVH) Famous Napa Wine Brand, Virtual Reality Streaming of Live Music Events and Advancement of Hydrogen Water Tech

Acquisition Machine: Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (Stock Symbol: GTVH) Famous Napa Wine Brand, Virtual Reality Streaming of Live Music Events and Advancement of Hydrogen Water Tech

GTVH purchases the remaining 49% of HyFrontier Technologies, Inc., giving Golden Triangle Ventures 100% ownership of the Technology Company. HyFrontier Technologies, Inc. owns a patent-pending process and device technology called “HyGrO”, which is a molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen delivery system for Agriculture.

  • Acquisition of Napa Valley Wine Brands in California Wine Country. 

  • High Quality Hemp/CBD and PPE Products in Great Demand.   

  • New Partnership for Virtual Reality Streaming of Live Music Events. 

  • Launching Health Portal for Online Healthcare and Product Marketing. 

  • Completed Acquisition of HyGrO Hydrogen Water Technology and New Initiative for Commercial Launch of Indoor/Small Farm Series.    

Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (
GTVH) is a multifaceted company pursuing ventures in the Health, Entertainment and Technology sectors. In addition, GTVH provides a professional corporate representation service in these sectors while consulting on a variety of different business development objectives. GTVH plans to utilize relationships and create a platform for new and existing businesses to strengthen their products and/or services. 

  • Health Division Currently Focused on CBD and PPE Markets 

GTVH owns a company named Global Health Services ( which operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary under its health division. Global Health Services, LLC has a mission to provide solutions to different businesses in the health sector while maintaining the highest professional standards available. This GTVH division is currently doing business in the CBD space and in the Medical PPE space, which provides an array of products and services for individuals and businesses. GTVH offers an online portal which will position a multitude of verticals on a single platform for each market. The vision is to become a “one-stop-shop” for the best products and services available in the space. 

  • Acquisition of Napa Wine Brands, Inc.

On May 6thGTVH announced its acquisition of Napa Wine Brands, Inc., a synergistic business that has the mission of providing a world-class portfolio of unique brands which are all birthed from Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in the heart of California’s Wine Country. With Napa Wine Brands GTVH will continue a commitment to manufacture and distribute specialty wines, foods, and unique items while tapping into an array of hidden markets in the food and beverage industry.

Possessing extensive resources and award-winning products, Napa Wine Brands aims to develop some of the most desirable products in today’s market. Originated by some of the most profound experts in Napa Valley, the Company’s vision is to broaden the horizon of a traditional Food and Wine Company by creating a platform different than anything seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Napa Wine Brands has an array of fully developed products and services that provide value to the other divisions under GTVH. The Company is now preparing the launch of several brands, products, and services that are market-ready and will immediately turn into cash-positive businesses.  More information about Napa Wine Brands can be found at:

  • Strategic Partnership to Integrate Virtual Reality with Live Music

On April 30thGTVH executed a partnership with Positron, a leading Virtual Reality (VR) technology and entertainment company to develop an immersive platform for live streaming concerts and events in VR. Positron’s platform, developed with GTVH for its Entertainment Division under Lavish Entertainment, will elevate live concerts to the next level by offering more freedom to audiences to join remotely on VR headsets, AR mobile devices, and 2D streaming devices.

Concerts and events hosted by Lavish Entertainment will also be offered on Positron’s award-winning Voyager® VR motion pods, delivering a new content category for location-based entertainment. Users will be able to experience concerts and events together with friends through unique social features powered by Vara Now. Additionally, performing artists will be able to offer customized interactive 3D visualizations and worlds that will be available both at the live venue and inside the VR platform. This will allow audiences to navigate between the live 360 stream of the artist, and to “step inside” the 3D world designed by the artist or creator. Audiences will be able to buy and share tickets to events, purchase digital merchandise including NFTs, as well as access an array of content the company will be providing.

  • Advancement of Technology Division under HyFrontier Technologies

On April 6th GTVH announced that HyFrontier Technologies, operating under the GTVH Technology Division, has developed a Single Core System and Dual Core System of its HyGrO hydrogen water technology to benefit its efficiency of operation and ease of use for customers.

This new Indoor/Small Farm Series will be the first design GTVH will launch when it commercializes its technology. After months of prototype testing with 3rd party commercial entities and universities, management has successfully integrated key features into the technology to benefit the end-user. These key features include a manual on-off, as well as auto on-off, giving HyGrO the ability to turn on automatically once it senses water flow and turn off once it senses no water flow. This automation can be used to work with its manual on-off functions but can also override this through its smart computer board when certain conditions present. This board also allows the HyGrO system to automatically work efficiently with the different types of water found in different regions. These features, and more, will be included in the ‘instructions for use’ which are easy to follow and user-friendly. All you need to do is set and forget it, when applicable. In addition, GTVH has structured and planned an in-depth tech support program that will provide on-demand customer service.

Looking to the future for HyGrO applications on larger commercial farms, HyFrontier Technologies is already in the process of developing the ability to remotely monitor, control, and track the system’s functions and operability through the Company’s internal web portal using electronics on-board the system. GTVH will also have the ability to instantly shut off the system remotely if the unit moves away from its location, or if a customer leasing the unit fails to pay the arranged leasing agreement which will be offered to large-scale farming operations.

To Learn More about the Single / Dual Core System, click here: The Product – HyFrontier Technologies Inc

Further, on Apri l16th GTVH executed a formal Letter of Intent (the “LOI”) to purchase the remaining 49% of HyFrontier Technologies, Inc., giving GTVH 100% ownership of the Technology Company upon final execution of a formal purchase agreement.

  • Official Launch of GTVH Health Portal Under Global Health Services and its Product Line

On March 25thGTVH announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Health Services, Inc., has formalized a partnership with Le Pragma to offer a full retail line of high-end, all-natural, health, wellness, and beauty products. GTVH has officially completed the Integration of payment processing into its online portal to promote, market, and generate sales for a myriad of products and services within the industrial hemp/CBD space. The expansion of these products and services into the GTVH online portal will not only bolster its position in an ever-expanding market but will also create new opportunities that will continue to drive managements forward vision in 2021. Click this link to view the company Health Portal:

Le Pragma products offer an everyday regimen to activate the inner cannabinoid system, bringing out the beauty that lives beneath the toxins collected from our everyday lives. Striving to become the CBD line of the future, Le Pragma is positioned to be set apart, tapping into the full spectrum of the everyday benefits that CBD products can provide for active and busy lifestyles. With cutting-edge formulations and dedication to a precise science, Le Pragma delivers optimal wellness throughout its quality product line. Additionally, as an educational leader in the industry, Le Pragma has a mission of providing clear, evidence-based knowledge of the lifestyle benefits of CBD. This includes clinical trials, proper usage recommendations, and real scientific background profiles on the products released.

The company has created powerful relationships with farms, extraction labs, and co-packaging companies which allow a vertical integration across its entire supply chain. This allows the company to control quality at every step and develop truly unique formulations with hand-curated ingredients to provide complete seed-to-shelf quality control. The company product formulations have been created by a powerful team of research PHDs, formulary scientists, and flavor compounding specialists who have been building well-known products in the natural medicine space for 3 decades and are now applying that knowledge to build the most powerful cannabinoid driven products in the world.

  • Execution of New Lease to Manufacture and Commercialize HyGrO Hydrogen Water Technology

On March 17th to further expand its Technology Division under HyFrontier Technologies, GTVH executed a three-year lease on a 7,800 sq. ft. facility with an option to purchase the entire 24,000 sq. ft. building in New Port Richey, Florida. The facility will be used to manufacture and commercialize its HyGrO hydrogen water technology.

GTVH management has arranged shipping and transportation options needed to immediately transition its current operations to the new location. GTVH is now moving forward on several interior renovations which are necessary to transform the new facility and utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to produce and commercialize the innovative HyGrO hydrogen water technology.

Click here to view a picture of the new facility:

The new location provides a building that GTVH can grow into which has a free-flowing creek that leads directly into a pond in the back which we may use for additional testing. Most importantly, there is an option to purchase the entire building at any time of the company’s choosing. This achievement should ultimately transition this division into one that should become very profitable and provide a great deal of value. 

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