Pettable Shares How Emotional Support Animal Letters Can Help Keep Dogs Out of Shelters

The pet care company issues ESA letters to help owners keep their pets when moving.

Moving a pet from one place to another has been a challenge to thousands of pet owners in the country since shelters became overcrowded. While many pet owners are now reeling back from post-pandemic stress, the need for animal companionship has become greater than ever. Pet care company Pettable understands the situation of pet owners in America. To help keep dogs out of shelters and make the lives of pet owners today easier, the company has launched a new service that allows its team to issue Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letters.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, around 6.5 million companion animals go to shelters nationwide every year. In those numbers, approximately 3.3 million are dogs. One of the most frequently cited causes for surrendering a pet is the owner not being allowed to take the pet to a new residence, such as an apartment. This data tells how vital it is to let pet owners keep their dogs within their care.

Many medical journals have released and published content on how keeping pets can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress as well as ease loneliness. Caring for a pet also allows an individual to be more active and engage more in physical exercises.

Pettable says keeping a pet can significantly benefit many households nationwide. However, many dogs are abandoned in shelters often because they can’t move with their owners. This is where Pettable comes to help.

Pettable’s licensed mental health professionals are qualified to determine if a person has an emotional or psychological condition that can be improved by having an animal that provides support. Conditions may include depression, generalized anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, and others.

The licensed mental health professional can issue an ESA Letter to allow that person to keep their pet. With the letter, pet owners can move their pet into animal-free housing or fly with their pet on certain airlines.

However, Pettable advises that an emotional support animal is not the same as being a service animal, like seeing-eye dogs. Service animals have stricter criteria that must be met, including various training and ongoing certifications, as well as some breed or animal type restrictions. These animals must also wear identifying garments in some instances, so they can’t be confused for an emotional support animal.

The company adds that it’s best to check with the local state government agencies to understand what is and isn’t allowed in a pet owner’s state regarding having an emotional support animal and qualifying ESA Letter. Each state has different guidelines regarding what public places an emotional support animal can go to with its owner.

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About Pettable

Pettable was founded to connect individuals with licensed mental health professionals in their state who are qualified to prescribe ESA Letters for housing and travel. The cofounders of Pettable are all pet owners themselves – they know that life without a furry friend can seem like no life at all. With Pettable ESA Letters, you have access to legally compliant ESA Letters in your state from the comfort of your own home.

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