Artist Chozus Launches App to Combat Police Brutality

The new Live Eyes app, founded by music artist Chozus, aims to mitigate police brutality through live streaming and data collection.

In the wake of mass protests and increasing national dialogue on issues of police violence, artist Chozus is launching an innovative solution. Live Eyes is a new upcoming app designed to stream, document, and analyze experiences with law enforcement. Documentation and evidence are crucial when it comes to defending human rights, so this app will facilitate communication between communities, governments, and law enforcement in order to create change. The app offers a way of keeping all parties accountable, striving to develop a system that benefits everyone.

Live Eyes offers unique features like a centralized database for videos, descriptions, and identification, allowing an online community to create a change larger than any individual. The project combats police violence at multiple levels, providing educational resources to facilitate critical thinking and conversation on important topics. The app also offers features like notification systems and password protection to ensure the security of its users. Live Eyes is community-driven and focuses on bringing people together to spark change.

“Our goal is to change the current paradigm, give power back to the people, and create a world where both police officers and civilians are held accountable for their actions,” said founder Chozus. 

Chozus is a music artist with listeners across the country and a following of over 700K on social media. He has a background in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, and experience in the music and tech industry. He graduated from a prestigious Ivy League school, The University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his work on LiveEyes, he is currently releasing music, including a recently released song “The Hills,” which accumulated over 100k plays in less than two weeks. He will release his next upcoming song “Diamonds,” before the month of June.

More information on Live Eyes can be found on the Live Eyes website.

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