Analysis on the prospect of pneumatic tools industry

Pneumatic tools are widely acknowledged in the market across the globe due to its advantages such as corrosion resistance, low maintenance, compact design, and longer service life. Pneumatic technology is a professional technology that uses compressed air as medium to drive and control machinery.Pneumatic tools are industrial machines that can be used for hours without stopping any work, as it has longer life than other types of tools and they are available in various sizes, dimensions, and patterns.Pneumatic tools are widely applied in automotive industry, manufacturing industry and various constructions.

Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air (as it works by the force of air); the force of air is provided by an air compressor. In other words, pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air, as it is the power of air pressure that helps the pneumatic tool to work. Pneumatic tools have a gas powered pump which continuously forces the air into a steel container till the air gets pressurized. In addition, a pneumatic tool is hooked to a pipe which is attached to a container with an air valve. Pneumatic tools are air compressed power tools powered by portable compressed carbon dioxide containers or cylinders.

Pneumatic tools are mainly composed of solenoid valve pneumatic motor and power output gear. It depends on the high pressure compressed air to blow the motor blade and make the motor rotor rotate, output rotating movement, and drive the whole operation form to transform part of the movement through the gear. According to whether the stator and rotor are concentric, pneumatic motor can be divided into concentric motor and eccentric motor; According to the number of air inlet, it can be divided into single air inlet motor, double air inlet motor and more air inlet motor. Whatever the form of the pneumatic motor, relied on compressed air blowing motor to drive the rotor rotating blades, blade motor in high speed rotates, the moment with the stator wall friction, it is the most common vulnerability in the motor parts, so it’s about the quality of the compressed air and high requirement of lubricating oil containing molecules in compressed air;

With the improvement of the technical level and equipment level of all walks of life in China, as well as the increase of the introduction of production lines and automation equipment, the market demand for pneumatic products in China will continue to grow. The overall development momentum of the domestic pneumatic industry is good, and the level, quality, variety and scale of products are accelerating to improve and expand. Significant progress has been made in technology development, process improvement, equipment transformation and other aspects, and the ability to participate in international competition is also gradually improving. The overall development of the industry has shown a prosperous situation. Pneumatic components and pneumatic control technology are developing in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function, integration, networking and intelligence. From the current market of all kinds of pneumatic products, the development of pneumatic components is mainly reflected in the development of miniaturization and high performance. After years of efforts, the performance of pneumatic components is also improving rapidly, quality, precision, volume, reliability and other aspects are getting closer to the target of user demand. It mainly reflects the development trend of miniaturization, low power consumption, high speed, high precision, high output force, high reliability and high life.

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