Bianca Banks’ The MND Show Launches on DASH Radio

New prominent radio show, The MND Show, continues to garner reviews following the launch on DASH Radio and other podcast platforms

Bianca Banks of the Bravo reality show, Invite Only Cabo, has continued in her pursuit of encouraging more women to speak up concerning several issues affecting the female gender, as she launches The MND Show on DASH Radio and all major podcast platforms. The radio show is hosted by the former reality star alongside her daughter, Jasmine Shannon, a professional dancer and choreographer, featuring interviews with women from all walks of life. 

I’ve wanted to launch this platform to inspire single mothers dedicated to parenthood and success, like myself,” the actress, public figure, CEO, and philanthropist shared. “We hope that our podcast encourages more open conversation, not just amongst each other in society but between parents and their children,” she continued. 

Millions of women in different parts of the world go through tons of issues that can only be understood by people in a similar situation. Unfortunately, there are only a few platforms created to allow women, especially women of color, to air their views. However, Bianca Banks aims to change this narrative, a move that inspired the increasingly popular The MND Show. 

The TV personality aims to educate listeners and encourage them to talk about topics that have been hitherto seen as taboo to be discussed. The podcast adopts a no-holds-barred approach to addressing current events and trending issues, as the single mother and her guests, encourage listeners, especially mothers and their daughters to speak about seemingly difficult matters. 

In recent times, the podcast has touched on topics relating to the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the impact of the pandemic on women, especially those of minority communities. 

For more information about The MND Show and other initiatives by Bianca Banks, visit - and Instagram. 

About Bianca Banks 

Bianca Banks is a public figure, CEO, and philanthropist who has dedicated her resources to inspiring women of color to greatness. The Los Angeles native has made a name for herself as a businesswoman, community advocate, and socialite, premiere as a main cast member and reality star on 2017’s Bravo’s “Invite Only Cabo” and launching her podcast to help bring awareness and good conversation to trending topics. 

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