Bridesmaid dresses for different color schemes

Finding the perfect look for the bride is such a hard task, which usually requires lots of inspiration. From finding a good fit for everyone to choosing the color that best suits the wedding color palette, bridesmaids dresses could be a headache or a fun activity to do. So in order to make it fun and easy, the babyonline wholesale website put together a list of bridesmaids dresses for every color scheme! And to make this even better, here added the meaning of each color from a psychological perspective.


Considered the color of wealth and class, gold is confident. It is linked to divinity meaning purity and light. Gold is also associated with winning (gold medals). Wearing this colour Bridesmaid Dresses can suggest someone is proud of their accomplishments.


This color is associated with vitality, youth, and emotions such as imagination and creativity. Lavender symbioses purity, devotion, and love. It is frequently seen at weddings.


Often related to wealth, similar to gold. It is also associated with the moon which has connections to feminine energy. It is believed that brings balance, emotionally and psychically to those exposed to it. Silver is a color related to intelligence, knowledge, maturity, modern, high tech, and futuristic. the silver color is more suit for Modest bridesmaid dresses.

Rose gold

This colour usually communicates luxury, elegance and affluence. It also can appear romantic, refined, and composed to people. Look some new in bridesmaid dresses which in Rose gold, A soft, golden-tinged shade of pink, best known as a type of metal.

Sky blue

A calm relaxing colour associated with peace. Also related to wellness and tranquillity.

Think about what kind of color scheme will work best for the wedding. If Bride tends to have strong opinions, it’s probably better to shop with one friend or family member. If the bride prefers more input, take the whole gang and give them guidelines, like color or fabric. To make the bridesmaid dress shopping experience enjoyable, make a day of it. And, when girls give their opinions on the dresses they love — or don’t love as much — take them into consideration. Even if the bride disagrees with their suggestions, it never hurts to make the bride’s besties feel heard. After all, they’re the ones wearing the dress.

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