Non Binary Pop Star M The Myth Releases “Prey” Music Video

M the Myth is a nonbinary musician, singer and dancer from New York City. They are currently signed to Blonde Records and last year made waves when they were invited to perform live on the Amazon Music official Twitch stream. M’s (they/them) latest music video “Prey” was released in March of 2021. Funded by the Brooklyns Arts Fund, “Prey” delves deep into M the Myth’s story of trauma and transforms the narrative of victimhood from one of vulnerability to one of strength. “Prey” is an audio-visual extravaganza of LGBTQIA+ resilience. Since its release the video has garnered much critical acclaim:

“UNABASHED HOOKABILITY” — Music Connection Magazine

“ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS TO EVER BE ON OUR SHOW.” — Chuck Leonard, The Central Valley Buzz

Says M:

“’Prey’ is my story of survival and fight for existence as a queer person. Music helps me process my trauma and ‘Prey’ is a more self-aware and in-depth look at that process. I was in a bad place when I wrote that song, but today I feel better about a lot of things because of it. The visuals for me really represent the celebration of my fight. Working with Rebecca, Dylan, Emily, Paolo, Jake and Graham was such an incredible experience — they really lifted me through this project and help me to find the joy in the pain and trauma.”

Watch the full video here:

The film was assembled by a team of queers and their allies:


Directed by Rebecca Friday (Wetspot)

Cinematography by Dylan Greenberg 

Costumes by Paolo Raymundo (Paradox Vestige Relics)

Choreography by Emily Jo

Production Assistants Jake Lasser & Graham Banfield 

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