Lively Paradox Teaches Diversity and Equity With No Shame

Elevate knowledge through transformative learning at Lively Paradox.

Envision a world without racism, where every culture and every race is gladly accepted and welcomed in society, just imagine how powerful that world would be — a society where diversity is appreciated and respected. That level of unity would allow us to achieve the change that everyone is aspiring for. Recognizing, accepting, and leveraging differences would lead to true peace and allow people to work together to address the needs and concerns of all humanity.

However, in the United States, race can be compared to Calculus and most citizens have only a pre-Algebra level of understanding at best. One of the most common misconceptions is that most people think “diversity” means race. They are not the same thing. However, race and ethnicity are characteristics that we struggle to empathize with. It is the goal of Lively Paradox to reduce the negative impact of prejudice. They accomplish this by working with well-meaning people to understand and elevate people’s diversity, including their race, in ways that matter.

Currently, it is safe to assume that a lot of workplaces or communities are missing out on possibilities because they are confined by their individual prejudice — specifically racial prejudice. More so, people of color are not given the exact privileges as everyone else and this hinders their ability to activate their potential and maximize their knowledge and skills. According to the team at Lively Paradox, “at some point, we have to acknowledge that we all have something to lose because we are not tapping into the brilliance of every community or group.” This is precisely why they want to help reduce opposition of Critical Race Theory through their resources.

In addition to live workshops, Lively Paradox provides a virtual solution that allows interested people to experience a transformative learning experience that is private, free from shame, blame, or judgment. These interactive learning modules provide repetition and practice which are critical components of learning. Anyone regardless of age, color, gender or any other distinguishing characteristic can freely develop themselves and their strengths further. Under the guise of privacy, learners are able to grapple with their own thoughts and assumptions as well as ask questions in a safe environment. These learners will be better equipped to engage in productive conversations about difference afterwards.

To be specific, the Lively Paradox Virtual Teaching Platform focuses on four course categories: diversity and inclusion, cultural responsiveness, a precursor to racial equity, and culturally responsive leadership. For Lively Paradox, in order to lead other people effectively, creating space to find the benefits of inclusion and equity for everyone is the best approach.

For those who are curious about Lively Paradox and their resources and services, resources can be accessed through their website:

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