No More Worrying About the Optimal Functioning of Air-Conditioners with SoCool Aircon Servicing Singapore

SoCool Pte Ltd- Aircon Servicing Singapore provides all-in-one aircon solutions and services to its customers.

Singapore – In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, the use of air conditioners have become more common than before. A cool and comfortable indoor environment is what people need to carry on with their world and live a comfortable life. Hence, one cannot deny the importance of air conditioners. Though these air conditioners have become a necessity these days, a lot of times, these air air-conditioners stop working at their optimal level, causing a lot of inconvenience to people. Especially when people make a hefty investment in air-conditioners, it is not easy and practical to replace them quite often. However, With SoCool Pte Ltd – Aircon Servicing Singapore, there is no need to worry about air conditioners showing faults. Be it the regular servicing of ACs or the repair or installation of new ones; the company holds expertise in providing all types of aircon servicing in Singapore.  

SoCool Pte Ltd- Aircon Servicing Singapore take pride in providing the best quality aircon services and solutions to its customer. The team of professionals makes it possible to maintain the air conditioners while maximizing the efficiency of units and minimizing the energy costs with quality aircon overhaul services. Aircon Servicing Singapore provides a range of services that include regular services, chemical servicing, troubleshooting, parts replacement, and many others. It team services the air-conditioners without any mess or discomfort, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, if the smooth working of the air conditioner requires replacement of any parts or specialized chemical was, then SoCool Pte Ltd is just the right place to land on. The firm also helps solve water leak issues, fight foul odor, and maintain a fresh and relaxed indoor environment with its gas top service.  

SoCool Pte Ltd- Aircon Servicing Singapore is also known for affordable aircon chemical wash price (starting from $90.95 for 1 Fancoil Unit). The company offers some fantastic service packages created in line with discussion and consultation with its experts. While maintaining or servicing, many ACs often require deep cleaning, including internal and external parts such as the condenser, filters, evaporator coils, etc. Since it requires attention to detail, technicians at SoCool Aircon Servicing handle the task with utmost care and efficiency. Aircon servicing Singapore helps get rid of acid stains on the internal parts of the AC and removes dust and debris through aircon steam cleaning that prevents optimal functioning of the air-conditioner. The chemical wash is not only limited to using chemicals but also involves performing a 360-degree diagnosis. With affordable aircon chemical wash prices, there is no reason why one should not take advantage of aircon services that put ACs in excellent conditions for at least a year. 

About the Company: 

SoCool Aircon servicing provides air-conditioning servicing and repair in Singapore. From aircon overhaul to a chemical wash, the firm holds expertise in all kinds of aircon servicing. Its team of professionals and technicians is committed to providing the best quality service to its clients at the most affordable prices all across Singapore.

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