Five Favorite Foods That Taurie Loves

Our sources got the privilege to get up close and personal with the Nigerian pop singer Taurie regarding her life apart from her career. Taurie is hailed as one of the leading pop stars that have emerged in the music industry.

During her career, she has been awarded numerous achievements and has made quite a name with her solo releases and two albums. However, interviewing her, our sources wanted to know more about how Taurie deals with her personal life.

“You need to manage everything especially when you become a celebrity. It’s always difficult because there are people who follow you madly, waiting for you to make a move or post something. After all, you matter to them a lot. That is what terrifies me because I don’t want to put a bad impression,” Taurie stated.

“As far as my personal life is concerned, I like to stick with being modest and generous as much as I can. It’s not every day you get a chance to live like a celeb and therefore you should be humble towards it. In my me time, I like to keep my practice and play the instruments that I’m good at while making attempts at learning more,” she added.

It’s not every day you get a chance to talk to an emerging star and so one wants to know everything about them. When asked about her favorite food, she responded “I’d like to keep a good sight on my health and therefore I keep my diet balanced. But if I were to mention something I love then that’s fruits. Mangoes, oranges, and pineapples, in particular, are my favorites since they have proper nutrition, and I very much like the sweetness in them.”

Whatever the nutritional intake may be for the singer, Taurie surely keeps herself in good shape because according to her, maintaining health helps to keep her vocals healthy too. Apart from that, she likes to spend her time practicing her skills on instruments, including electric guitar and piano.

Taurie has been one of the amazing artists that have brought her ethnic culture into her music career. Her fans are in love with her music and wait anxiously for her new releases. Taurie released her latest release “Hypnotize Me” which has already been a sensation amongst her fans.

Starting her journey, Taurie shared some insights on why she wanted to begin her career as a singer. “I was studying medicine but at 19, when I stepped into the studio that was the time, I decided I wanted to be a singer. If I would get a chance to talk to myself or anyone younger, I would say to them what my mother said to me, to be the best at whatever you’re doing. That’s what kept me going in my music career. All I wanted was to be best at it and I made sure to work hard enough to achieve the title,” she narrated.

As of now, she’s got more than 60k followers on Instagram within a short amount of time. Her songs are available on iTunes and Spotify as well as on her social media links.

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