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Innovative payment solution,, disrupts the old system of making payments with the introduction of an affordable option for sending payments in a contactless payment environment is a revolutionary payment option that is challenging the status quo in regards making payments by introducing a highly affordable and easy-to-access solution for sending payments out. The innovation was created by a veteran developer, a seasoned CEO, and a lifelong marketer, who got together amid the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic to offer a solution suitable for the “new normal.” 

“Paying members has been an expensive and impersonal touchpoint until printable checks, which enable a high-quality experience at a much lower price and an upsell opportunity all in one,” said Brian Goss. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to wreak havoc across the globe. Consequently, several solutions have emerged to address the concerns of businesses and individuals in line with the Covid-19 safety protocols put in place to curb the spread of the virus. The case is not particularly different in the area of making payments, as the old system has not particularly provided the freedom and flexibility that digitization offers to individuals. While checkbooks have seemingly stood the test of time, using this option remains a time-consuming process and might not be particularly ideal for the current situation that requires the reduction of physical contact to the barest minimum. According to a Federal Reserve payments study, commercial checks paid per year just in the United States are 17.8 billion and $28.80 trillion, excluding roughly 2 billion federal government checks and postal money orders. However, is looking to challenge the status quo by providing a contactless payment option to recipients and businesses. has digitized the process of writing checks, offering a more secured, ECO friendly and significantly easier way of making payments, without requiring users to break the bank. The platform offers seamless integration with hundreds of financial institutions, ensuring that virtually all types of cheques are honored and distributed safely. 

The company leverages technology to uniquely combine secured payment and unprecedented affordability, with as low as 10¢ per redeemed check, without compromising customization and no hidden charges or on-boarding fees.  

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