Yair Shemer: The Mental Characters Drama Therapy Method & Seminar & Book to be published

Yair Shemer: The Mental Characters Drama Therapy Method & Seminar & Book to be published

“Yair Shemer: The Mental Characters Drama Therapy Method”
After studying alternative medicine in London and turning an observant Jew, Kibbutz-born Yair Shemer has been a transpersonal therapist and homeopath for three decades, and among other things, directed the homeopathy department of Tel-Aviv Ichilov Hospital, and currently runs a popular clinic, and wrote many books on this subject. His brainchild, Mental Characters Drama Therapy, uses relaxation to explore the depths of sub consciousness where all our obstructions lie, focusing on dialogues.

In this interview with Contento Now’s CEO Netanel Semrik, he explains his technique.

Semrik: What is Mental Characters Drama Therapy?

Shemer: Essentially, it is about bypassing the intellect’s domination of our personality, in order to find the causes of conflicts which impair our relationships and careers.

Semrik: Who are the target audience of this therapy?

Shemer: Everybody with any amount of self-consciousness, those who take their lives in their own hands and know that your harmonization and healing starts within you. In other words, I must notice the parts of me which are detached from my life and are in pain, and must be reached out somehow. Since one cannot untie one’s own bonds, it requires a professional help. This therapy is a journey of the therapist, together with then patient, to the latter’s Inner Child and the painful parts of one’s sub consciousness, in order to put things in order and enable a fresh start.

Semrik: So does this therapy offer counseling and healing to people in a dead-end, setting the, free again?

Shemer: That’s right.

Semrik: Did you apply Mental Characters Drama Therapy to deal with your own issues? After all, you had a very unusual biography, of a Kibbutz boy turning on an observant Orthodox Jew after a sort of “spiritual journey”, studied alternative medicine in London, and a man who started two families.

Shemer: Yes, I did, in order to handle issues with my life partners as well as with my son. I consider our outer relationships to mirror the inner ones. That is to say, my relationship with my son is influenced by my relationships with my Inner Child, and vice versa.  Thus, if I heal my Inner Child I will open new communication channels with my son, and when I and my son work out our conflicts, I also heal my Inner Child.  In this therapy, the Inner Child is the key to solving issues.

Semrik: I see. Can you give me some practical example of an issue which your therapy helped to work out, in that relationship you mentioned or any other relationship, where you experienced and is still experiencing some change, as a result of that therapy?

Shemer: From my own experience, as well as that of others, I learned that people accumulate many angers and disappointments in life, which they take out on their children and significant others. For example, suppose I had a divorce many years ago, my children may suffer from it, experiencing it as an act aimed against them, and imagine themselves as victims of the situation. We may develop angers against people who meant no harm to us. For example, my son may get angry with me, due to some situation. Once we realize that, this anger must be defused.  Referring to the aforementioned parallel, both I and my Inner Child may experience anger and eel neglected.

Semrik: Do you mean that your Inner Child assumes you are the responsible adult in your relationship, and blames you even for harms you didn’t mean?

Shemer: Yes, he blames me for neglecting and abandoning him. If I go on a guided imagery tour and find him angry and taken to himself, it is my responsibility to reach out to him, talking it over with him and regaining his trust. Once I manage to do it in my inner words, it opens up communication channels in the real world as well.

Semrik: Perhaps we should talk about that kind of communication. So, if, during a guided imagery session, you manage to communicate with your Inner Child, using your experience as a therapist, setting him free, can you receive, as a result, messages from your real child?

Shemer: Exactly, and that’s the beauty of it. Interestingly, the inner processes and outside world mirror each other. As I always say to patients, if you had some bad experience long ago, which wasn’t worked out, it’s still in you, and if we can connect to it you can feel it as if it just happened. Once you work it out in your inner world, removing some emotional blocking, it will affect all your spheres of life, including your career, family life and romance. It works like magic.

Semrik: Those hearing you now may go like: wow, that’s Mental Characters Drama Therapy works miracles, let’s check it out. Do you expect people to contact you right now, embarking on that trip?

Shemer: I do, and let me say that as a therapist, I always tried to bypass the intellectual investigation, reaching for the deepest and darkest layers of human sub-consciousness, which are hard to reach. I, too, have undergone a process, and I believe that a good therapist should undergo a process, in order to be able to reach for the deepest and painful parts of other peoples’ minds. My specialty is my ability to offer people a shortcut to these parts.

Semrik: I guess some people should go on longer trips than others.

Shemer: Correct, it depends on one’s personality.   

Semrik: Well, I thank you very much for this conversation, Yair Shemer, a homeopath, writer and a prominent figure in complimentary medicine in Israel for many years. 

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