Porcelain Veneers Can Make a Huge Difference in Health and Happiness

Many individuals in Toronto and the surrounding GTA are now seeking porcelain veneers to enhance their smile and their overall enjoyment of life.  Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic, egg-shell weight veneers that fit over existing teeth.  One or many veneers can help those that suffer from the following conditions:  staining that cannot be removed with other methods, shortened teeth, worn down teeth, chipped, cracked, or irregularly shaped teeth, or even gaps between teeth.  Gaps are fixed by using a larger porcelain veneer on teeth that fills in the gap. 

The process usually involves two trips to the dentist, one to prep the teeth, by removing a small portion of the outside layer and the next time to place the veneer.  It takes about two weeks after an impression of the teeth is made to structure the permanent veneer, so a temporary veneer is usually placed in the meantime on each tooth.

Dr. Sol Weiss is the head dentist at The Art of Dentistry in Toronto and has spent years perfecting the placement of porcelain veneers that look just like an individual’s own teeth, only better!  The Art of Dentistry is now open again and booking patients for veneers and other procedures following the latest Pandemic guidelines.  The pricing remains affordable, and each patient receives a thorough one on one consultation before any type of porcelain veneers are considered.  More extensive tooth damage may require other approaches. 

Said one patient after a visit to The Art of Dentistry, “I immediately loved how I looked and felt after the veneers.  I had two short teeth in front on the top, and a misalignment of two on the bottom.  I thought I would need implants and some sort of tooth straightening but needed neither.  The veneers fixed both problems, and now when I smile, I feel confident again, and my chewing ability is also better.  My friends and family also noticed immediately, and I no longer cover my mouth with my hand when I smile now.  In fact, I cannot stop smiling!”

Modeling can be done when choosing veneers, and this model of how teeth will look can be taken home for the patient to assess before choosing to have veneers.  Some patients with a look of two much gum combine porcelain veneers with gum surgery to alleviate not just short or broken teeth but also eliminate a “gummy smile” when smiling. 

Said another patient, “Dr. Sol was so great when explaining the exact procedure, that I felt totally comfortable.  I had two cracks in my front teeth and was so self-conscious for years, that I hardly smiled.  The veneers were also more affordable than I thought, and I am so happy I went ahead with the procedure as it was totally painless, and I felt like a new person in two weeks.”

The Art of Dentistry and Dr. Sol Weiss are committed to achieving a great look for all patients using porcelain veneers.  It is worth the time for anyone considering this to have a consultation.

About The Art of Dentistry

Headed by Dr. Sol Weiss, and located in Toronto, The Art of Dentistry is now open again and focusing on making individuals happy with their smiles using porcelain veneers.  All patients do require an initial consultation to decide if veneers can assist and if other procedures might also be needed along with the porcelain veneers.  Safety guidelines for Pandemic management are in place using the Canadian Governments guidance. 

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