Style Up the Car with Tinting and Reap Some Surprising Benefits

Vehicles with tinted windows look smart and sleek. Many car owners get tinting to add some style to their motor and sharpen its appearance. But tinting is not all about the looks.

Applying tint to a vehicle’s windows consists of applying a thin layer of film on the glass. It can be applied to the inside or the outside of the surface, and is a durable and stylish way to apply a darker effect to the glass.

Car tinting also helps provide a range of other benefits to your car and its passengers. Overall heat levels are reduced in the car. This can not only save on the air conditioning, but also make it more tolerable to get back into a car that has been parked in a hot parking lot for a long period of time.

Another benefit of car tinting is that the laminate helps reduce UV rays that get into the car. This can be especially important for families travelling with young children in car seats that cannot move out of sunlight, or may look at the sun without realizing. Safety and privacy are also improved with the application of tinted laminate layer.

“We provide car tinting for all shapes, sizes and makes of vehicle”, a spokesman for AutoBOSS, Vaughan told us. “Tinting comes in a variety of options of grade, thickness and shade to suit all our customers’ tastes and requirements”.

Car glass tinting also adds value to cars in other ways. With less sunlight getting into the vehicle, there is less sun damage to upholstery. This reduced risk of fading and discoloration of the seats ensures longevity of the upholstery. Dashboards and surfaces can also last for longer without the cracking and distortion that can occur as a result of too much sunlight.

For families, too much UV exposure inside the car can be dangerous for children. “As well as the protection of the vehicle interior, there is also the safety aspect that car tinting plays a part in. Tinting windows can reduce UV exposure significantly. It can also make night driving safer by reducing the glare of passing vehicles’ headlights. There are many benefits to car glass tinting that are not necessarily obvious.”

Cost savings are also evident from laminate tinting a car’s glass. Tinting is known to reduce heat build-up inside vehicles by up to almost 70%. By having a cooler temperature inside the vehicle, less air conditioning usage means lower fuel consumption.

“Reducing the risk of shattered glass is another benefit people forget about tinting”, the AutoBOSS spokesman added. In the event of glass shattering, the laminate holds it in place and prevents shattered glass from flying around. This protects passengers from that risk.”

“From a security point of view, tinting also has some benefits. Tinted glass prevents potential thieves from seeing inside vehicles to size up valuables. If a smart phone, wallet or other valuable item is left in a care, tinting means it is less exposed and therefore less tempting to thieves.”

About AutoBOSS

AutoBOSS, a car repairs specialist in Vaughan, provides a range of improvement services to vehicles. From car glass tinting to detailing and protective layers for paintwork, the auto body specialists cover precious vehicles against all eventualities. As well a safety aspect with services such as tinting, AutoBOSS’s services add value to a vehicle.

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